CharmHealth, MedicalMine Inc.'s Cloud-Based Platform, Launches Revolutionary Smart Navigation, a Natural Language Interface to Patient Records and Practice Management

CharmHealth launches another new tool for subscribers: Smart Navigation, an intelligent interface to all of CharmHealth features, where a healthcare provider can navigate or use the system by using voice or text commands on a command input line

Smart Navigation

MedicalMine Inc.'s CharmHealth suite of products is a leading comprehensive solution including EHR, PM, and RCM for independent medical practices.

The recent pandemic has brought to light the multiple benefits of using cloud-based telehealth-enabled Electronic Health Records system. Providers use the system today for functions ranging from prescribing medications, ordering or reviewing lab results, messaging their patients, or entering chart notes. Practice staff also use the system to perform a variety of tasks like scheduling, billing, and other functions. All of these functions are also performed from remote locations, desktops, mobile devices, and other interfaces. Various systems have adopted different designs of User Interfaces to make complex system navigation faster and easier. However, building a frictionless interface to these complex systems has been a challenge. Today, CharmHealth announces Smart Navigation within the CharmHealth platform, which allows a user to use natural language commands to get to any functionality in the system.

CharmHealth's Smart Navigation feature allows a user to type or dictate the function naturally in the English language. This eliminates all the mouse clicks needed to navigate to a page or screen. This also reduces the learning curve for new users and saves valuable training time. Quick access to often-used functionalities, and pending activities, provide intelligent prompts to further reduce time to navigate to the desired functionality. Smart Tabs allow users to open multiple views by opening them in multiple tabs. Users can switch to any of the opened tabs with ease.

"We have envisioned a time when we could go to a command field, and type or say, 'List my appointments for today' or 'Open prescriptions for Mark Smith', and the system could take the provider to the results, without cumbersome mouse clicks. Today, I am delighted that we can accomplish that and more. A busy staff member can say, 'Make an appointment for Jane Doe on Tuesday the 27th July, at 4 pm,' and the information can be digested by the system and the appointment can be confirmed in one step. A lot has been written about usability in EHRs, and we hope that this is a significant step in solving this challenging problem. We hope that this feature contributes to improved productivity in physicians and their staff and ultimately better care for patients," said Pramila Srinivasan, Ph.D., CEO, MedicalMine Inc. 

CharmHealth is created by a California-based company, MedicalMine Inc., which is a leading cloud-based health IT platform for independent practices. CharmHealth's mission is to serve independent practices by empowering them with clinical and financial technology tools that improve provider experience and patient outcomes.

CharmHealth's integrated cloud-based product suite is built to provide superior patient care, reduce delivery costs, and provide exceptional access to patients' medical data. CharmHealth includes Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Patient Portal for Patient Engagement, Revenue Cycle Management, TeleHealth solutions, and an Instant Messaging solution for Providers, CharmConnect, all with complementary mobile solutions.

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