CharlesDesigns Unveils Innovative Device That Reduces Drink Wastage and Safely Opens Drink Cans

Acclaimed Founder of Singapore innovation and design company targets F&B industry and consumers with unique multifunction carbonation saver. The Singapore designed device prolongs the freshness of drinks by over 7 hours and can be used on aluminium drink cans of different sizes. Being small and portable it can easily be attached to any Keychain.

The FizzSaver™ offers users a hassle free and safe way to open cans without risking damage to fingers, which is a cause of concern in the F&B sector and to families with young children. This next generation carbonation saver also prevents drinks from spilling and insects like bees from entering or flies from lingering around the mouth of the drink can thus maintaining the hygiene factor of canned drinks by preventing environmental pollutants and insects from entering.

With its ability to preserve drink freshness and reduce carbonation loss, the device has the potential to revolutionise how drinks are consumed.

Currently, over 300 billion canned drinks are produced annually. The use of the FizzSaver™ could help the F&B and airline sectors save millions by helping to minimise drink wastage.

Leaders in the airline industry are enthusiastic about the innovative FizzSaver™.

“The FizzSaver™ effectively solves the F&B and airline industries age old problem of drink wastage by keeping drinks fresh and fizzy for hours on end. Never before has there been an easier way to open canned drinks and keep them fresh and full of flavor!”

“That’s the hallmark of practical innovation and no Airline will serve you a Flat Soda again,” said CharlesDesigns® founder and CEO, Charles Toh.

CharlesDesigns® will embark on a crowdfunding campaign to support its marketing efforts in Asia and North America.

Those interested in finding out more about The FizzSaver™ and how they can contribute to its development on our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo 17th August 2016 or would like to Pre-Order can visit in

Technical Name: Co2Saver™ (Carbon/Carbonation Saver)

Nickname: FizzSaver™

About CharlesDesigns Pte Ltd:

CharlesDesigns® is a company that offers services related to the design and the development of next generation products. Our founder Charles Toh who is an award winning inventor and entrepreneur who has been nominated twice for the Singapore’s President Design Awards. He also won the Best Innovation Awards sponsored by MediaCorp of Singapore, for his previous invention the DengueProtector™.

Media Contact
Company Name: CharlesDesigns®
Contact Person: Christopher Toh
Phone: +65 97101017
Country: Singapore

Source: CharlesDesigns


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We are CharlesDesigns, a company that deals with product development. The product that we are currently focusing our efforts on is the FizzSaver™. The idea for FizzSaver™ comes from the founder Charles Toh.