Charles 'Chuck' Wright's Book 'Traumas and Suicide Prevention for Warriors by Warriors' is a Guide for Those Suffering From Stresses and Traumas to Find Healing and Strength

Fulton Books author Charles "Chuck" Wright is a father of two sons, a Marine battalion courier, and a sergeant. He has completed his most recent book "Traumas and Suicide Prevention for Warriors by Warriors": a hopeful journey for people facing traumatic and suicidal events that push them to the brink of ending their lives and losing all faith.

Wright shares, "The collection of testimonies you are going to read contains the real stories that were written and submitted by each of the courageous men and women. Some are ordinary people who experienced extraordinary traumas and loss. Others are stories of veterans who served in conflicts from Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The common denominator in these testimonies is trauma which does not distinguish between military or civilian. Many of the stories describe thoughts of doing personal harm or harm to others. They describe their struggling with alcohol and drugs and drawing into cocoons of solitude. The common link in each story is endurance and survival and how they returned to a less tumultuous and difficult existence. Resources are in the book to aid veterans, families, caregivers, spouses, and others suffering from the effects of trauma in ways to get help. It is our greatest wish that this book will provide hope to endure for those who are suffering. Use this as your guidebook to help overcome your stressors."

Published by Fulton Books, Charles "Chuck" Wright's book is a comforting read that gives encouragement and motivation to those who have suffered and endured for a long while from a horrible past. This leads them to confront the pain and still find a reason for living a beautiful life.

Readers who wish to experience this compassionate work can purchase "Traumas and Suicide Prevention for Warriors by Warriors" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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