CharityBox Announces Launch of New Charity Platform

New Online Donation Platform Launched for Donors and Charities

CharityBox, a fintech startup focused on providing solutions for both donors and nonprofits, announces the launch of a new online giving platform. This new platform allows donors to search for and donate to their preferred charities right from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Nonprofits are now  able to register as Premium Charities, which will enable them to receive discounted rates on transactions, a robust administrative backend, and the ability to customize their charity page page on the platform- all at zero cost and no contract requirements.

“Whether giving to one organization or many, control over your charitable giving remains totally with you,” said Roxanna Ayers, Director of Business Development at CharityBox. “With CharityBox, a donor can centralize all of their donations, payment methods, and favorite charities in one place. Our mobile presence, combined with our ability to set up recurring payments and process small micro-donations, means donors can give how they want, when they want.” CharityBox makes it easy to donate to over one million IRS verified 501c(3) charities in a few taps on any mobile device or web browser. 

"We have had a pretty long waiting list of charities wanting to sign up for our free Premium Charity Membership and we are really excited to add them to the platform so they can take full advantage of it."

Levi Pruss, Co-Founder & CEO

The platform works by allowing the donor to first pick and donate to their preferred charity; CharityBox then processes the donation, instantly issuing the donor a tax-deductible receipt, and then transfers the donation to the charity’s bank account or mails them a check.

The app securely stores preferred payment methods and favorite charities, and saves a user’s “giving history” in one place. This makes it easy to budget and monitor donations from smartphones, tablets or computers. CharityBox also allows users to set up recurring donations, as well as donate anonymously.

Verified 501(c)(3) nonprofits will also be able to register on the platform using the Premium Charity Portal at no cost. 

“We have had a pretty long waiting list of charities wanting to sign up for our free Premium Charity Membership and we are really excited to add them to the platform so they can take full advantage of it,” notes Levi Pruss, co-Founder and CEO of CharityBox. “Once the charity has been verified, they will receive a discounted rate of 2.9% + 30¢ on all transactions (including American Express), receive their donations in as fast as 5 business days via ACH, and have the ability to manage and export their donor information using our charity portal.”  

Charities can sign up for Premium Charity membership by enrolling on the nonprofit enrollment page at The CharityBox app is downloadable from the iTunes and the Google Play stores, and accessable at as well

About CharityBox

CharityBox believes the experience of giving should be simple, straightforward, gratifying and fun. They make it convenient to search from among over 1 million verified non-profit 501(c)(3) charities and make a tax-deductible donation with a simple tap of a screen, or the click of a mouse. Once the choice is made, they send you an electronic record of your contribution. With CharityBox handling all tax deductible receipts and the transaction process, charities will love how easy it is to get their donations through our direct deposit feature without the hassle of signing a contract, paying expensive fees, and handling the costly overhead of maintaining tax records for their donors. The free app is available for iPhone and Android. For more information, or to create your free account, please visit


About CharityBox

CharityBox is the first Donor-Centric charity app on the market. Give to any charity in the United States in a couple of taps.

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