Chargefon Offers High-Speed Phone Charging on the Go

Chargefon comes to the rescue with an easy, cost-effective, portable charging station

Chargefon, creators of an innovative power bank rental service, knows that it's hard to feel in charge when your phone battery is quickly fading. Offering those "on the go" with the reassurance of a completely charged battery, Chargefon provides an ideal solution for people as they move through daily life.

Indeed, data show that 60% of people report that they've blamed a dead phone for not speaking to a family member, friend, co-worker or significant other if their battery was low. The consequences of a dead cell phone can seriously interrupt people's lives.

With the easy-to-use Chargefon, users simply download the app from Google Play or the App Store and register with their cell phone number. After the app has located the nearest Chargefon station, users can pick up a power bank and return it to any station near them.

To make things easier, the entire power bank rental process is automated via a QR code. To rent a power bank you simply need to scan the QR code located on the Chargefon station.

Chargefon, which supports all Apple iPhones® models released after the iPhone® 5 and most Android™, is equipped with Fast Charge Technology, thus guaranteeing that your phone is completed charged in roughly one hour. 

While the cost of not having access to a phone is high, the cost of renting a Chargefon power pack is a mere $1.95 for the first hour or $3.95 for the entire day. This means that Chargefon power banks are one of the most affordable charging solutions on the market. And while the company is new, it is based on old-fashioned trust—the company does not require a security deposit upfront. Even more, the company now has a special offer whereby newly registered users get one hour for free.

Source: Chargefon corp.

About Chargefon

Chargefon is an ideal solution for frequent travelers. They can easily get a battery power bank at one point of their destination, for instance at a bus station, and then return it at their final point. This allows our users to stay connected and keep charging ahead. Besides, 'Chargefon' power banks are equipped with a leading-edge Fast Charge Technology, which guarantees your phone to be fully charged in approximately an hour. You can start charging your smartphone on-the-go and get a fully charged gadget already by reaching your final destination. Our company and service available in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Portland, New York, San Francisco
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