CHARGE - the World's First Energy Branding Conference

An international top-level conference covering the branding of energy utilities. Reykjavik - Iceland, September 19-20 - 2016.

In September next year a groundbreaking event will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland where CHARGE – The World’s first Energy Branding Conference will be held. The aim of the conference is to get the utilities get serious about branding. CEO’s and top level executives from some of the biggest electric utilities will be attending the conference to learn how branding will improve their operations. Speakers will be announced soon but among them are some of the most esteemed branding experts in the world, CEO’s and experts in the field of energy branding and marketing.

Topics covered:

In the past the utilities had the simple task of connecting electricity to a meter in the basement. With the liberalization of energy markets the utilities need to connect to the consumers' minds and gain a share of their hearts. Branding is the key to gain understanding of the consumer and create a mutually beneficial relationship. We are going to see a revolution in the energy market, similar to the leap the telecommunication market took 20 years ago. The utilities need to take the leap into branding before a super brand from other industries enters the space.

Dr. Fridrik Larsen, CEO of LarsEn Energy Branding and chairman of Charge

The conference will include tracks that will cover both the basics of branding, how commodities and ingredients has been branded successfully in the past, tracks on sustainability, smart energy and green-energy branding. The focus of the conference is not only on the branding of retail energy services, a special track is assigned to branding of transmission and distribution companies, the country of origin of the energy source, the appropriate usage of media and how to address different stakeholders.
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