Changing Trend in the Daily World Management of Data is Truly an Art and is a Necessity

The risks can also be identified easily and corrective actions can be taken. This data may also help in analyzing the fallbacks of the company and in customer retention.

Introduction: Big data is the latest trend in today’s world. It is the management of a collection of data sets. It needs to be worked on using database management systems. It is an art to manage this big data and needs expertise as well.

What is it? It is considered as a technology which is required by an organization to manage or maintain their data and processes.  The software’s available in today’s market may not be sufficient to manage this data and hence specialized software’s have to be created for the same. The data may be both structured and unstructured which makes it difficult to be processed.  Companies need employees to have a good expertise in managing the big data.

Why Big data? There is a huge increase in the data volume these days and this may be due to various factors. The most common form of big data would be the transactions which have taken place over the years need to be stored and managed. This needs to be managed in case needed for any future reference. If managed well, it can be retrieved very easily and the information can be used. Since this data is available from different sources as well, it becomes highly complex to manage and make use of the same and hence big data recruitment is a huge challenge in today’s world

Its importance: This big data is useful only when it is managed properly. How we utilize that data is more important and for this very purpose big data professionals are recruited. Sometimes when we backtrack the data and look through it, we can obtain several solutions which help in the development of the business as a whole. It will help to increase the profitability by cutting down costs and time in an effective manner. The process can be revisited for any changes at any point of time. It also helps in doing an effective root cause analysis and helps in the reduction of waste as well. All this analysis can be effective only if accurate data is available at the required time in the required manner.

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