Change and Adaptability is the New Little Black Dress — Houston

Changecology — A Houston based firm that has its sights set on bridging the mindset gap by teaching change and adaptability as a skill — is set to host their launch event at Saks Fifth Avenue Houston at Chanel Beaute.

Tracy Allen, Founder: "Soft skill sets, like adaptability to change and flexibility, are highly desired skill sets because it's not as easy to teach. We have found a way to help people differentiate themselves, especially in the workplace."

The Changecology philosophy is that all adversity has one common denominator: change. This company has a unique approach to helping individuals, within organizations, overcome obstacles, stress and adversity. The workshops are designed to empower individuals about the change/stress relationship and teach people to embrace adaptability as a skill. The specialty of the house is turning adversity and challenges into menus of opportunities. Change Your Thinking, Change Your World.

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Source: Changecology

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