Chandler Williams and Derek Farah Seek 'Showbiz' With Their Latest House Flip, a Mansion on a Private Island

Chandler Williams & Derek Farah

The post-pandemic boom sent the real estate market into a frenzy, especially in Central Florida, currently one of the hottest markets in the country. Even though the competition is steeper than ever, that did not stop Chandler Williams (32) and Derek Farah (29) of Blueprint Real Estate Groups from scoring their biggest deal yet. A two-lot special, including a mansion on its own island that they plan on flipping and bringing to market by year's end, and four acres of vacant land they will be building seven luxury homes on. The final resale on the total project is expected to exceed $5 Million.

Located near Mayfair Country Club, sits an Island Mansion on Crystal Lake located in Lake Mary, Florida. The island and mansion were built and owned by a prominent lawyer, who would once pull up to the island property in his Rolls-Royce. The house is filled with oddities and treasures from years past, including an old ship cannon that was recovered from the Atocha shipwreck off New Jersey from one of the lawyer's former clients who happened to be a treasure hunter. 

The living room looks like an old cathedral with stained glass windows, done by one of the makers of Disney's Cinderella's Castle. The mansion also came with many artifacts and remnants from decades ago, as well as many oddities, including cat decor and medieval statues littered throughout the house. The house will be gutted down to the structure and completely remodeled. To keep up-to-date on their one-of-a-kind transformation, please follow either of their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Chandler Williams

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About Chandler and Derek

Chandler Williams and Derek Farah of Blueprint Real Estate Groups met back in 2016 at their first brokerage. Soon after, Derek joined Blueprint Real Estate Groups, owned and operated by TV stars Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly. Justin was a guest speaker at a real estate class Derek was attending, where they met. Derek spent his last $100 buying lunch and bringing it to one of Justin's job sites, just to have the opportunity to talk. Justin was moved by Derek's persistence and got him on board immediately. Soon after they got their first deal under contract and Justin was looking for another investor to join. Derek reached out to Chandler, who was looking to get in on his first flip. Chandler was getting behind on bills, but once their first deal was finally flipped and sold, they had recovered their original investment, plus made over $100,000. Fast-forward to today, together they've been doing millions of dollars in real estate deals ever since. While Chandler and Derek are scoring it big on their real estate deals, their main goal on this project is to follow in the footsteps of Justin and Ashlee and have the opportunity for their own house-flipping TV show.

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