ChainNinja and Sprizzi Drink Co. Bringing Blockchain to the Beverage Industry

ChainNinja Blockchain Solutions, an Iselin, New Jersey-based Blockchain Professional Services Company, is pleased to announce its selection by Sprizzi Drink Co. as their enterprise blockchain technology solution provider.

ChainNinja is applying a hybrid private-public blockchain solution, which will enable Sprizzi to leverage the advantages of decentralization while protecting internal business logic and processes. Built using a combination of Hyperledger Sawtooth and Ethereum, Sprizzi’s business model is optimized with the transparency and traceability of assets throughout the sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and consumption phases of their business. Lisa Marks Canty, CEO of ChainNinja, stated, “Sprizzi’s marriage of blockchain with their revolutionary single-server beverage machine opens up new opportunities to optimize supply chains and reach customers.”

The SPRiZZi Drink Machine, launching later this year (with some of the launches with office vendors across the globe), will bring a connected experience to its customers. With the increasing variety expected by today’s consumer, SPRiZZi will be an essential product for every office environment around the globe. Its unique design and business model will revolutionize the cold beverage industry.

Sprizzi Drink Co. CEO, Michael Breault comments, “Launching an innovative physical product and service into the long-established cold beverage industry requires forward thinking, transparency and superior business knowledge. Teaming up with ChainNinja will give us the ability to build world-class services and react to the ever-changing needs of the beverage marketplace.”

As enterprises continue to explore blockchain technology, the competitive advantages of correctly implementing this infrastructure will become as apparent as the companies who correctly implemented internet technology to improve existing business models.

ChainNinja Blockchain Solutions is a provider of blockchain innovation, strategy development, prototyping and product development. ChainNinja has the capability to design and implement cutting-edge blockchain solutions and can provide expertise in overcoming performance issues, scalability issues and integration issues with existing services.

Sprizzi Drink Co. is focused on the engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales of single-serve cold drink products. Sprizzi markets and sells both the drink machine and flavor cartridges. The company sells its products worldwide and is developing additional cold serve products and services for both the office and home markets.

Source: ChainNinja Blockchain Solutions

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