Chadd Sullo Hopes to Establish Inner-City Foundation to Introduce Children to Tennis

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​​Local Chadd Sullo always had a love for tennis. From growing up and playing with his parents on the weekend to playing with college buddies, tennis has had a place in his life.

While on a weekend trip, Sullo wanted to find a court to play a quick game with a friend. He was amazed to find out there were no tennis courts in the city. This went from inside and outside courts.

"Tennis is a game discipline, hard work, and can be very rewarding," says Sullo. "After my experience that weekend, I vowed to change that."

This was when Chadd Sullo decided to start an inner-city tennis foundation that would introduce children to the game.

Idea for Downtown Tennis Program

Sullo wanted to develop and unleash the potential of the inner-city youth on and off the tennis court. This would also engage and serve a supportive community.

The foundation hopes to reach approximately 500 young people, with ages ranging from three to 18. This includes at-risk kids and children from low-income families.

But this always gives children diagnosed on the autism spectrum a chance to play the game of tennis.

Sullo adds that the foundation will attract diverse families from all over the city. The free-of-charge programs and scholarships for the fee-based programs ensure that the organization is available. This goes to all children in the inner-city, regardless of their financial situation.

"I believe every child needs and deserves a coach and the encouragement of supportive, caring adults from our community," Chadd Sullo adds. "We will use tennis to give kids the vital skills they need to succeed on the court and in life."

Facility for Children to Play

Chad Sullo hopes to raise money for this campaign through the generosity of donors. The money raised would go to a tennis facility that will be a modern, attractive, welcoming place for everyone.

Outdoor Parks For Summer Play

The summer program plans to be a seven-week activity and held at various courts around the city.

"It is just one way we will be bringing tennis directly into neighborhoods across the city," says Chadd Sullo. "These classes include tennis and life skills development."

Children will be able to learn about healthy food habits and nutrition, as well as developing character through daily challenges.

Through scholarships, this fee-based course is made accessible to all who are in need.

Partnering With Local Schools

Sullo adds, "One hurdle we hope to overcome is getting the programs to the schools. Spreading awareness is a priority for the foundation."

"When selecting certain schools, the foundation would be looking for those that have a high percentage of students who receive free and reduced lunch," says Sullo. "From there, we would look at exam scores and work to identify gaps we can help close."

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