CG/LA Infrastructure Releases 2022 Strategic 100 US Infra Projects Report

2022 Strategic Projects List represents more than $331B in strategic investment producing real value in the next 3-18 months.

Projects by the Numbers

CG/LA Infrastructure, the foremost thought leader on global infrastructure investment and strategic project development, has released its 2022 Strategic 100 Top US Infrastructure Projects Report. This year's report includes exclusive thought leadership on hurdles facing the infrastructure industry and identifies more than $331 billion in projects on our Top 100 List. This year, the report includes images of key projects provided by Nearmap, a location intelligence and aerial imagery company helping thousands of users to conduct virtual site visits for deep, data-driven insights—enabling informed decisions, streamlined operations and better financial performance.

The 2022 list highlights projects creating immediate value in the next 3-12 months, driving growth, decarbonizing the environment while creating jobs and social benefits for millions of people over the next 30 years. Twenty-one projects drive the energy transition with a combined value of more than $36 billion, including electricity transmission, renewables, carbon capture utilization and storage and hydrogen. The 59 transportation projects, moving people and freight, total $263 billion. Water - the invisible infrastructure - is represented by 13 projects requiring $26 billion in investment. The investment in autonomy 5G, AI and Machine learning is focused largely on transportation, however, seven projects on our list are pure connectivity projects requiring an investments of 4.8 billion.

"The Strategic 100 list is unique in that it engages across verticals and sponsors, with a mix of publicly and privately funded projects. This year's list is different from earlier reports as projects unlock the value of monetizing ancillary revenues such as rights of way and data, clearly demonstrating the power of American entrepreneurship, that has been able to capitalize on the once-in-a-generation funding program at the Feferal and State levels."
- Anand Hemnani, CG/LA Senior Partner.

"Our customers tell us that they rely on Nearmap for our predicable aerial mapping and the use of our imagery inside of design tools. As the leader in aerial imagery and location intelligence, we are proud to be aligned with CG/LA to support infrastructure projects including site analysis, engineering, design and construction projects."
- Tony Agresta, Executive Vice President and General Manager of North America at Nearmap

The full report can be accessed by VIA This link.

Exclusive aerial imaging in this report is provided by Nearmap, which provides instant access to high-resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D datasets, and integrated geospatial tools.

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