CeraNova Corporation Restructures to Focus on Manufacturing and Accelerate Growth

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CeraNova Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of optical and custom ceramic products, has announced today a restructuring plan to streamline its organization, align resources to accelerate the company’s growth, and advance its move to large-scale manufacturing.  At the Company's last annual meeting, the Board of Directors expanded its membership with the election of two additional Directors: Mr. Ramin Abrishamian, a serial entrepreneur from the Boston area, and John J. Gannon, Jr., Ph.D., who had served the Company as Vice President of Engineering since 2014. Dr. Gannon was also appointed by the Board to become the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We are excited to welcome John to this new position.  Over the last three years he has led a number of efforts focused on operational improvements and strategic planning.  He was instrumental in identifying and installing systems to position the company as a leading manufacturer of transparent and technical ceramics,” said Mark V. Parish, Ph.D., CeraNova's Chairman, Founder, and Chief Technology Officer.  “There has been increasing interest and robust growth in our defense and commercial products, and addressing our customer’s needs going forward will require a strong manufacturing focus.  John has demonstrated that he has the skills and the drive to lead us there.”

The Board also appointed Marina R. Pascucci, Ph.D., as Director of Government Programs and Contracting.  “CeraNova is known internationally for its extensive research and development of advanced engineering ceramics.  John and Marina have worked in tandem over the past three years to position the Company for new growth opportunities as a manufacturer of high technology ceramic products,”  Dr. Parish stated, "With these appointments, CeraNova will strengthen its research and development capacity to meet the ongoing needs of our defense and non-defense clients, while we rapidly improve and grow our manufacturing capabilities."

About CeraNova

CeraNova Corporation is a privately held company and is committed to the designers and manufacturers of advanced technical products who are continually challenged to find new state-of-the-art materials and components that will enable ever higher performance levels.  The Company is a recognized industry leader in product development, process improvement, and production of advanced ceramics.  CeraNova specializes in near net shape, controlled microstructure, and transparent ceramics with superior optical and mechanical properties that provide unique cost-effective solutions for defense, aerospace, and commercial customers.  The exceptional product performance delivered by the Company’s proprietary materials and processes is enabling advances in high-performance sensor and optical systems for a wide range of operating environments.  Founded in 1992, CeraNova is currently located in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  For more information, please visit http://www.ceranova.com.    


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About CeraNova Corporation

CeraNova is an industry leader in the development and production of advanced technical ceramics. We specialize in high performance net shape and transparent ceramics that have superior optical and mechanical properties.

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