CEO of Saint Vinson Eugene Allen of Los Angeles Gave Away Gas Cards to Local Residents and His Hometown Cleveland Mississippi Over Weekend Charity Event

Dr. Eugene Allen Donates Car During Gas Card Giveaway

On Saturday, April 9, 2022, Dr. Eugene Allen, CEO of Saint Vinson Eugene Allen of Los Angeles, gave away over $10,000 in gas cards with a value of $25 to local residents and a free car to a local citizen. The giveaway was held in the city of Paramount at Paramount Park, where hundreds of residents gathered for the charity event. Saint Vinson Eugene Allen, a community endowed corporation, decided it was time to provide immediate relief to local residents.

Soaring gas prices hit Los Angeles last month, making it hard for residents to maintain their everyday lives. Dr. Allen, patient advocate for the elderly, noticed his patients and small children using public transportation for office visits. Many explained the all-time high gas prices were causing them to make difficult medical decisions. During this time, Dr. Allen received news his hometown, Cleveland, Mississippi, tornados had crippled transportation services and stranded the surrounding communities. It was abundantly clear; it was time to create a path for the communities to have relief.

The festive event at Paramount Park brought Angelino's together. Dr. Allen amidst the long lines, greeted each participant with a handshake, as he gave away over 400 gas cards. He has pledged to do so, every three months, until gas prices become more affordable. During the charity event, he announced Ryan Oscar Cabrera as the winner of the car giveaway. Vilma Cuellar Stallings, the Mayor of Paramount, was on-hand to unveil the Nissan, as local residents cheered. Cabrera, with joy in his eyes, expressed his gratitude to the organization. Dr. Allen spoke to the crowd and stated, "Community leadership begins in our own backyard. I ask each of you to check on your neighbors and help out when you can."

Local breast cancer survivor, Silvia Lopez of Paramount, stated to the organization, "This came at the right time." The gas prices made it almost impossible to get back and forth to work. Our family is so grateful." Ms. Lopez was introduced to Dr. Allen during the 10th Annual Compton Walk for a Cure event in October of 2021.

Dr. Allen is the founder of Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care facilities, located throughout Southern California. For 20 years, Dr. Eugene Allen and his wife, Dr. Connie Yu Allen, have centered their commitment to the communities of Los Angeles. The Saint Vinson Eugene Allen organization has been a legendary pillar in the community during tough times. In February of 2022, Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen was noted by Guinness World Records as the title holder of the World's Tallest Printed 3D Statue of a Human. Dr. Allen is currently a candidate running for California Insurance Commissioner in 2022.


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