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Be where your clients are, social media platforms and networks.

Odette Peralta founded her Long Island based marketing agency called the social savvy in 2020, and has had consistent success for her business and clients.

the social savvy is full of creative, tech-savvy individuals who have a deep passion and understanding for content creation and social media marketing strategies. The company works with small businesses to enhance their brand through social media marketing with unique custom branded content. "Regardless of a company size, there is always a way to make people remember your business." With social media marketing experience in a wide range of fields including music, health and beauty, fitness, food and more, the social savvy always finds interesting ways to make each social stream unique and stand out from their competition.

Peralta has always had a deep passion for social media marketing and content creation. When Covid-19 hit and the world went digital, she knew it was time to help businesses get back on track. "With the right social media marketing strategy you will gain clients, increase sales, and build your brand awareness." You can find this savvy agency by visiting their website where you will have the option to book a free consultation to hear how you can get people talking about your business.

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