Centurion's Family of Comprehensive Vascular Access Solutions Continues to Grow

Newest kit innovation expands commitment to continuous vascular access improvements

Vascular access

Centurion Medical Products, a leader in medical product innovation and global patient care, introduced its smART Kit for Radial Arterial Catheterization in March 2017. The kit is yet another clinician-driven vascular access solution created by Centurion, furthering its commitment to improving clinician efficiency and patient care.

Centurion’s most effective products are the direct result of collaboration with doctors and nurses, and its growing family of vascular access solutions is a perfect example of those partnerships.

Centurion’s family of vascular access solutions include:

smART Kit for Radial Arterial Catheterization- smARTer by Design™, the kit decreases procedure preparation time, eliminates wasted materials, and may reduce infection risk with its comprehensive bundle approach:

  • Adjustable armboard for quick wrist positioning replaces rolled towels and tape

  • Dual-perforated fenestrated drape creates a maximal barrier while reducing the risk of accidentally disrupting the line

  • Centurion radial arterial line with removable guidewire and Dual Flash™ technology rapidly confirms flashback and helps avert transfixing the artery

  • ClearShield™ sterile saline syringe included inside the kit prevents possible field contamination from the introduction of a non-sterile flush

  • SorbaView SHIELD® securement dressing secures the line and preserves the site

CVC Zone Bundle™- Customized central line bundle features Centurion’s Zone Defense™ approach, which includes everything clinicians need — in the desired sequence — to help facilitate proper sterile CVC placement technique.

CVC Stock™+ Bundles - A new concept in central line insertion trays, the stock tray breaks down into three distinct zones — maximum barrier, catheter insertion, and site protection. Within each zone the CVC Stock+ Bundle can be adjusted to meet the precise needs of a hospital, making it the most flexible CVC insertion stock tray in the industry: 

  • Hospital-specific checklists, valves and dressings

  • Choice of 12 different catheters

  • ClearShield™ sterile saline syringe included inside the tray prevents possible field contamination from the introduction of a non-sterile flush

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About Centurion Medical Products

For more than 50 years, Centurion Medical Products has been known for designing and delivering innovative products that increase clinician efficiency and improve patient care. Compass® pressure sensor monitoring technologies, IRIG-8™ Wound Irrigation System, smART Kit™ for radial arterial catheter placement, SorbaView SHIELD® securement dressings, and DisImpactor® for fecal impaction are a few examples of the many Centurion products that streamline care and reduce costs.

The company provides comprehensive and consistent support to customers nationwide through clinical training and sustainability programs, high fill rates, and personalized kit design services. Centurion has more than 1,100 team members, is privately owned and headquartered in Williamston, Michigan.

For more information on Centurion Medical Products visit www.centurionmp.com.

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