Centralized Wishlist Provider, Wishfinity, Launches Tools for Sellers to Access the $1T Gifting Economy

Wishfinity allows consumers to save their wishes from any eCommerce site into a universal wishlist, then share it with friends and family for convenient gifting. Today, Wishfinity expands its social gifting platform with free online merchants' services to push their merchandise into consumers' wishlists.

+Wishfinity button for retailers

Wishfinity, the universal wishlist that allows consumers to collect and manage merchandise from nearly all retailers into a single shareable WishLink™, announced today the expansion of their social commerce marketplace with the release of the +Wishfinity solution for sellers. The +Wishfinity button allows consumers to add merchandise to their universal wishlist with a single click, no matter where it appears. Once products and services are within the consumer's wishlist, they're available for gifting by the consumer's social graph.

With over $275M worth of wishes added to the system so far, the new button generator empowers makers, merchants, and manufacturers to place the +Wishfinity button on product webpages and as a call-to-action throughout their marketing. Once consumers or their gift-giving connections are ready to buy, they return to the online retailer to purchase.

"Wishfinity has seen explosive growth with shoppers in our marketplace, so providing seller solutions was inevitable," says founder Lee Bellon. "We give online merchants a chance to reengage the 98% of consumers who don't buy immediately or the 90% of shoppers who abandon their cart. But just as importantly, we provide sellers a way to participate in the massive social gifting economy that they can't achieve with their own isolated wishlist."

For more information about Wishfinity, please visit wishfinity.com or linkedin.com/company/wishfinity. To schedule an interview with the team, contact lee@eggtooth.com.