Central Park Biking Company Gives Tourists Alternatives to Walking Around the City

Bike Rental Central Park, a tourism company, offers bicycle rentals to tourists visiting NY.

Central Park

People often say that New York City is a walker's paradise, and while that's true, walking is far from the only way to see the city. Another option that is gaining popularity is biking, where tourists can still get fresh air while covering far more ground. Bike Rental Central Park gives tourists a way to see the city on bikes through guided tours of the most popular areas.

Blair Nicole, the PR Director for Bike Rental Central Park says, "Exploring New York City is a big item on every tourist's to-do list, and you don't need to do it all on foot. A guided bike tour is a fun way to cover an entire area in a couple hours and get the lowdown on all the coolest spots along the way."

For tourists visiting New York City soon or for locals who would like to see more of it, a bike tour may be worth a try. Bike Rental Central Park says that its customers point out a few particular bike tour benefits that they appreciate the most.

  • See More of the City in Less Time

There are many ways to see New York City. Taking the bus or the subway to get around are good transportation methods, but then tourists are stuck in a vehicle and not truly experiencing the city. While walking gets visitors out and about, it's only possible to walk so far.

Bike Rental Central Park lists how long each tour lasts in terms of miles and time on its site, with most taking two to three hours and covering seven to 10 miles. It's a relaxed pace with plenty of designated stops along the way, but bicyclists still get to cover an entire area of their choosing, such as Central Park or Harlem.

  • Trained and Experienced Staff Guide Each Tour

Another challenge when someone sets out to see the city on their own is deciding where to go. Even if the route is planned in advance, there will still be some trial and error involved, and tourists won't know all the parts of the city like a local would.

Each Bike Rental Central Park tour has experienced staff to guide visitors along the way, which means they don't need to worry about the navigation aspect. They can show visitors the movie sites, celebrity apartments and other points of interest along the way that they may have missed otherwise.

  • There Are Plenty of Photo Opportunities

On a tour, there will be several designated stops where tourists can give their legs a break. While stopped, it's a great opportunity to get some pictures and talk more with the tour guide about the area.

These designated stops often coincide with famous landmarks or other points of interest. If you want to learn more about the city, a bike tour gives visitors the ideal opportunity to do so.

For more information on the bike tour options, please visit Bike Rental Central Park. Interview requests and press inquiries should be directed to Media Moguls PR at Blair@Blair-Nicole.com.

About Bike Rental Central Park:

Bike Rental Central Park is a bike rental and tour company based in New York. The company has day and evening tours in various parts of New York City.

Source: Bike Rental Central Park


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