Central Florida's First Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Clinic Opens in Orlando

Spencer Munns, managing partner at Bogin Munns & Munns, is pleased to announce the successful launch of a new Orlando clinic designed to identify and support children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

In collaboration with Orlando Health and the Florida Center, the new fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) clinic will work to diagnose what doctors consider an 'invisible disability', impacting as many as one in 20 children.

"It has been our unique privilege to work alongside Orlando Health and the Florida Center to get this clinic up and running and to see its initial success," said Spencer Munns. "FASD is so prevalent when compared to other well-known disabilities, yet it is so underappreciated, misunderstood, and under-accommodated; this clinic is a huge step in addressing the challenges facing this community."

Munns said he and his team were encouraged to see a major health system like Orlando Health allocate important resources behind this cause because many in local communities suffer from this disability, including members of the Bogin, Munns and Munns family.

Bogin, Munns and Munns expresses their unwavering gratitude for the efforts of the Orlando Health/Helen Leon Neuroscience Center team working in tandem with The Florida Center, especially Samer ElBabaa, M.D.; Cary D'Ortona; Justin Williams; and Zach Kallenbach. Munns said he is also pleased by the continued support from state and local government, including State Rep. Webster Barnaby, who provided what has been called immeasurable support of this local FASD diagnostic clinic.

In addition to support for the local clinic, Munns credited Rep. Barnaby for his continuous effort to work vigorously with Florida Sen. Lori Berman on legislation that would have an enormous impact for the FASD community throughout the state and set a standard for all other states to follow.

Additionally, he noted the phenomenal support from the onset of these efforts, with Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings last year issuing a county-wide Proclamation regarding FASD and Gov. Ron DeSantis doing the same for the entire state of Florida.

"We truly believe FASD-related issues are worthy of bipartisan support for resources like this clinic, which to my knowledge, is only the second of its kind in the state," he said. "Thank you to everyone for supporting this cause that is so near and dear to our hearts at Bogin, Munns & Munns - we are so excited for what the future holds."

If you think your child needs to be evaluated and treated, visit thefloridacenter.org or email the Florida Center's FASD Diagnostic Clinic at info@thefloridacenter.org or call 941-371-8820 x1161.

Source: Bogin Munns & Munns

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