Centilytics Becomes the First Cloud Management Platform to Introduce Flat Fees and Widget-Based Pricing

Centilytics: Intelligent Cloud Management Platform

In the cloud management industry, Centilytics becomes the first management platform that offers widget-based pricing. It's a well-known fact that Cloud Computing has almost limitless benefits. Moreover, cloud vendors bring innovative benefits to attract customers; and this strategy is working quite well. Today, cloud computing is becoming a preferred choice by entrepreneurs, whether for a startup or a well-established enterprise.

It was all a walk in the park up until the first data breach, or an unexpected cloud bill that can shrink the numbers in the bank account, ergo the dawn of cloud management. Gartner was the first that advocated the importance of a cloud management platform. They acknowledge that a management platform is needed to see through the complexities of the cloud. It should be equipped to protect the user's data under industry defined regulations and provide solutions for any additional cost overhead.

Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) can safeguard the data and prevent cost leakages from the accounts. 

Typically, a CMP charges a percentage fee on the cloud consumption; In other words, that's a part of savings.

Which seems to be a conflict of interest, doesn't it?

On a percentage pricing model, the CMP's revenue becomes directly proportional to cloud spending. It means they'll earn more when the cloud bill increases.

This conflict has been generalized and never been visible because users have gotten used to it. 

Cloud already has a complex pricing model, and in no way, percent pricing going to ease that complexity. 

When Centilytics (an Intelligent Cloud Management), noticed this conflict, it went ahead. It introduced a flat fee model for its customers.

Centilytics is the only CMP that eradicates the conflict of interest by charging one fixed amount, which is independent of increased bills.

The users have finally understood the conflict and are now moving away from the percentage pricing. Not only did the previous pricing take away a chunk of there savings but also that they had to pay for the whole platform, even for the services that they were not using.

Centilytics, yet again, disrupt the market by introducing a widget-based pricing model. To offer this pricing, The entire Centilytics platform was broken down to 5 products, 12 services, and 2200+ widgets.

With widget-based pricing, the users can pick and choose only those services which they require. They also get the capability to bundle widgets as per their unique infrastructure requirements.

This model eliminates the need to pay for the entire platform and genuinely save money.

About the company:

Centilytics is a fully-automated SaaS solution that helps organizations with the management and control of their infrastructure. It is an intelligent cloud management platform that enables public cloud users to gain 360-degree visibility, identify loopholes and deploy one-click fixes on their cloud infrastructure.

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