Censys Technologies' Drones Save Time and Money by Collecting More Quantitative Data in a Single Mission

These commercial drones go further, faster, and are safer, providing users across industries more value than competitors.

Censys Technologies

Censys Technologies Corporation, a leading provider in remote sensing solutions for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) service providers, enterprise organizations, and government entities, has released two drones that go further, faster, and longer than competing products on the market. This allows companies to save time, money, and resources when leveraging Censys Technologies' unique technology.

"I have always had an underlying passion for drones. It truly is the underlying force that has driven me to want to build the best products on the market," said Trevor Perrott, CEO of Censys Technologies. "Now, I have a team that is entirely focused on creating unmanned aircraft that are bigger, better, faster, and capable of collecting large quantities of data to save companies time and money. From the beginning, the customer has been our top priority, and as a result, our drone is better than ever." 

Perrott founded Censys Technologies after recognizing a clear gap in commercial drone technology that was negatively impacting users. Determined to bridge this gap, Perrott and his team began creating Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) fixed-wing drones. Essentially, these small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAs) take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane, allowing for takeoff and landings in tight areas, without sacrificing the aerodynamic benefits and endurance of a fixed-wing aircraft. They are larger in size, carry a bigger battery, but are lighter than most aircraft on the market, weighing in at only 25 pounds. This unique combination empowers the Censys drone, better known as the Sentaero, to complete missions faster than competitors while carrying better payloads. This proves to be an important differentiator, as the unique product design helps users save time and money.

Both the Sentaero VLOS and Sentaero BVLOS drones can map up to 2,000 acres in a single mission. Because Censys drones have the ability to capture data of such large areas in a single mission, they collect substantially more quantitative data than competing SUAs. 

The Censys Mobile Command Center best pairs with the Senatero BVLOS, allowing users to extend their mission from a three, six, or 10+ mile radius. This combination also improves the likelihood of getting a BVLOS waiver, part 107.31, approved. The Mobile Command Center is also compatible with other unmanned systems, which can be useful for companies that already use other aircraft.

Please visit www.censystech.com to learn more about how Censys Technologies drones save organizations time and money. 

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Censys Technologies Corporation builds remote sensing solutions for UAS service providers, enterprise organizations and government entities. We take pride in the relationships we share with our customers; you are our first priority, and we demonstrate that through stellar customer service. Everything we do is centered on understanding your needs and delivering a product that will perform for you and grow your business. The Sentaero family is the UAV performance and value leader in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, disaster relief and public safety. Let us figure out a package that is right for you.

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