CellPay's Latest Strategic Acquisition: E-Times System

This CellPay acquisition is strategically important and marks its entry into the fast-growing field of bill payments.


CellPay, founded in 2016, quickly became a leader in the direct-to-consumer, "top-up" market for processing electronic purchases of prepaid mobile airtime, international top-up, and digital gift cards. CellPay continued its acquisition spree by announcing the fourth acquisition within a month of the previous three mergers: Zprepay, CallingMart, and PINZOO.

Adding E-Times System to the portfolio is crucial in actualizing CellPay's vision to be a leading fintech by 2022. Headquartered in Willow Grove, PA, the E-Times System has operated one of the largest walk-in bill payment networks in the United States.

Bill payment is a crucial offering for any company claiming to be active in the fintech arena. The current research indicates that one out of three Americans prefers to pay bills by paper check or cash. "The acquisition of E-Time System provides a unique opportunity for CellPay to scale up its bill pay operations. This represents an important milestone as we continue to expand our offerings to respond to the evolving needs of our loyal customers," said the CellPay CEO, Parvez Jasani.

By integrating E-Time System, CellPay will enable its customers to offer faster and safer options to pay their bills. According to a recent survey, the average US customer has ten bills to pay every month. Managing such bill payments every month is hands down one of the biggest pains. Juggling multiple payments like car installments, phone bills, utilities, credit card payments, and many more can quickly get out of hand. Luckily, with the help of CellPay automated payment services, customers can easily manage their bills and pay them on time, helping them better organize their finances.

Today, online payment is safer than paying by a check and reduces the risk of identity theft. CellPay uses the best security protocols to keep customer transactions and information secure. CellPay's expertise and E-Times System's infrastructure will result in more efficient and safe services for existing and new customers.

About CellPay:
Cellpay, a fast-growing and unique fintech solution provider for the unbanked/undocumented and underbanked, is a large and established player in the prepaid industry. CellPay provides an alternate, fast and convenient way to refill prepaid wireless, including international top-ups and bill payments. CellPay customers can buy prepaid refills and services to enjoy their favorite TV shows and music, or play games from anywhere, at any time, using whatever payment method they prefer. Cellpay provides a platform, similar to eBay/amazon, for wireless dealers (mobile phone operators) to streamline refills and product sales online and offline. Having established itself as a leading player in the industry, Cellpay is uniquely positioned to aggressively offer an end-to-end, turnkey POS solution that is stable, secure, and simple.

CellPay's electronic distribution method presents retailers with a unique combination of unlimited supply coupled with no inventory costs. Cellpay has recently added Gift Cards and International Top-up services to their existing product line.

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About E-TIME System:

E-Time System is a technology company providing cost-effective solutions for the electronic distribution of products, including bill pay. It is an innovative company that combines the best in technology and software design, developing cutting-edge solutions while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and conducting business with respect for our clients and partners.

Source: CellPay