Celligence's Angel Ai Shows Nothing to Fear From AI

Building on its massive momentum in closing the financial inequality gap and its mission to achieve fair lending for all, Angel Ai has released a free education platform where even non-mathematicians or non-engineers can quickly grasp the concepts of AI, deep learning, and neural networks.


The Angel Ai engineering team (“the Brillianeers”) has built a neural network model in the form of a business-user-friendly spreadsheet. This spreadsheet has all the formulae exposed and is easy to understand. After a quick study, everyone will realize that there is nothing to fear because AI is just some form of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The real innovation in this project was the construction and release of an open-source neural network in the form of a spreadsheet with the single objective of removing apprehension to adopt new technologies. Spreadsheets are familiar, so this project eliminates the greatest barrier to learning: fear and hesitation. This utility is available to download at https://angelai.com/nofear/

Pavan Agarwal, the Founder and CEO of Celligence International, spoke of the need to highlight learning through radical simplicity. “We have taken something that is a product of complex engineering and advanced math and have simplified it into a package that can help businesspersons build real-world applications with neural networks. I look forward to more business leaders applying AI to reduce production costs in areas such as customer service, fraud detection, and market analysis. Deep learning relies heavily on data. Business leaders who understand how these algorithms work can better appreciate the importance of data quality and leverage insights derived from large datasets for informed decision-making.”

Celligence and Angel Ai are looking to eliminate any fear and concern from the rapid growth of AI and large language models. “As we see the next phase of digital transformation, it is also important to demystify AI as much as possible. You will often hear people talking about deep learning as part of the AI conversation; this term can sound sinister when, in fact, it is the opposite. Deep learning needs lots of data. But it also needs people to harness and turn it into a competitive advantage. Well-informed leaders understand that they need to tap into the deep institutional knowledge of their people to build future-ready, AI-powered enterprises,” Pavan said. To find out more, go to https://angelai.com/nofear/.

About Celligence International, LLC.

Celligence International, LLC. is one of the fastest-growing fin-tech and AI companies. Celligence has engineered a novel AI that is evolving and self-generating neural cells which come together to solve complex problems. The Celligence AI is deterministic, not merely generative, and it delivers 100% accurate and trustworthy responses, as is required for financial transactions.

At Celligence, a team of brilliant engineers is expanding the boundaries of the financial services industry through innovations in mobile applications, customer acquisition, retention algorithms, and AI-based process automation continuously filing new patents supporting our technology.

Source: Celligence International