Celebrity TV Interviewer John Kerwin Releases New Book, 'Talk Big!'

The Definitive Book on Celebrity Interviewing Aims to Teach While Entertaining

Celebrity Interviewer John Kerwin

Are you a podcaster who dreams of creating extraordinary interviews? Or a seasoned broadcaster looking to take your interviews to the next level? In QB Publishing's "Talk Big: How to Interview Celebrities and Make Them Love You," veteran TV personality and writer John Kerwin reveals everything you need to know to become a successful interviewer. His step-by-step guide provides the blueprint for making your desire of being a celebrity interviewer a reality. In "Talk Big," Kerwin gives you the necessary tools to become an accomplished professional, including how to persuade celebrities to agree to an interview.

"This training is the result of my many years as an on-air celebrity TV interviewer," said Mr. Kerwin. "Celebrities, including social media stars, are different from you and me. There's an art form to quickly gaining their trust so they open up within minutes."

A multi-award-winning broadcaster, Kerwin has interviewed Academy Award winners, Emmy and Grammy Award winners, even an Olympic Gold medalist.  "Talk Big" is his first book release.

"If your goal is to interview celebrities for podcasts, television, radio, and traditional or digital media, this is the only book you'll ever need," he added. "Because there was no such book when I was coming up, I had to read countless biographies and other related material to help me learn the craft of interviewing. This is a one-of-a-kind book to help you interview anyone from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to Lady Gaga."

In the book, Kerwin describes his method of using the "3 C's" so even a novice can become a great interviewer when embracing his teachings. Also included are wild stories of how Kerwin used his cunning and imagination to contact celebrities and get interviews. Techniques, he says, that can work for you. 

"No celebrity is out of your reach," says Kerwin. "Talk Big is a state of mind that accepts no limitations on whom you can interview, and no limitations on how entertaining and enlightening your interviews can be." 

The audience for this book is growing by the day. Adds Kerwin, "There are currently 750,000 podcasters online. Not to mention aspiring or working talk show hosts, sports interviewers, entertainment journalists, print reporters, news anchors, the list goes on and on. Anyone who interacts with people whom they deem important will benefit from the techniques outlined in 'Talk Big.'"

"Talk Big" is available on Amazon and JohnKerwin.com beginning July 15, 2021.

John Kerwin is a professional TV talk show host and celebrity interviewer. His nationally televised shows include "The John Kerwin Show" and "The John Kerwin Kids' Show." He's also interviewed hundreds of celebrities on location and on the red carpet. As a journalist, he's written features, profiles, and Q&As. He's also an interview coach, and currently resides in Hollywood, CA.

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