Celebrity Tarot Reader Cardsy B Kicks Off Book Tour for The Saturn Diaries

Readers Can Get a Head Start on New Year's Transformation With The Saturn Diaries

A new year, a new beginning. For those already looking to shed your old skin and leave 2022 behind, look no further. Celebrity Tarot reader and author Rebecca Szymczak, aka Cardsy B, kicks off her book tour for The Saturn Diaries: A Modern Day Grimoire. Cardsy B's debut book shares the irresistibly witty and raw account of seemingly having it all, and losing everything only to redirect inward to find healing and purpose by unlocking the power of intuition. The Saturn Diaries not only shares Cardsy's healing journey; it shows readers how to start their own journey to healing.

First stop in the book tour: the Tierra Santa Healing House at the famed FAENA hotel in Miami on December 12th. At 7 pm, the evening starts with Elixirs and Cocktails followed by an energy update for the upcoming year, a Q+A hosted by Jenny Ponce of Miami Lit and Eugene Gant, and a closing meditation by Augustina Caminos. 

The Saturn Diaries is deemed by literary powerhouse Kirkus Reviews "A funny, confessional remembrance of finding redefinition in the cards," and has already hit #1 in Occult and #4 in LGBTQ+ Memoirs on Amazon in presale.

A scrappy rebel from rural Pennsylvania, Rebecca Szymczak - aka Cardsy B, built the quintessential Manhattan life she always dreamed of consisting of high-level fashion jobs, celebrity friends and her own lingerie line. That was until the astrological transit known as Saturn's Return stripped away her self-identity, career, marriage and security. Beneath the glossy, Instagramable surface loomed a battle with depression, anxiety and substance abuse she had to overcome. Following a harrowing dark night of the soul, she began to heal by revisiting her childhood hobby of pulling Tarot cards and in doing so, reconnected with her intuition. That's when her life took her in an unexpected and magical turn.

Each chapter in this genre-bending memoir/spellbook concludes with a spell, elixir, or ritual that Cardsy B created throughout her healing journey. The Saturn Diaries is a hilarious chronicle of discovery and remembrance, perfect for diving into intuition this holiday season or as a gift for anyone needing to reclaim their inner magic.

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Source: Rebecca Szymczak, author (aka Cardsy B)