Celebrity Lifestyle Expert Valerie Greenberg Share Summer 'Must-Haves' From a Top Celebrity on TipsOnTV

The Red Carpet Reporter Has Timely Tips for Making the Most Out of Summer!

Valerie Greenberg

Summer is here, and everyone wants to make the most of it after a year of quarantine and masks. Celebrity Lifestyle Expert and Red Carpet host Valerie Greenberg has some timely tips and hacks for making the most of summer. Learn some must-have things to enhance the summer experience that will turn a busy lifestyle into some quality family time. Valerie discusses how the celebrities she interviews on the red carpet are spending their summer!

Hot weather really dries out skin, so the first must-have is the 7th Heaven Intense Cinnamon Clay face mask that offers an indulgent, yet affordable 'at-home' pampering experience to help boost skin's radiance for Summer. Available now in-store and online at Walmart. The key skin benefits it offers is to help mattify the skin, refine pores, and to leave skin refreshed and balanced. Perfect for the summer months, 7th Heaven Intense Cinnamon Clay face mask is ideal for those with normal and combination skin types. Key ingredients include cinnamon, dead sea salt, and natural clay for glowing skin. It adds moisture, aids in the treatment of dry skin, is a complexion enhancer, and is available for only $1.37. For more information, visit www.my7thheaven.com.

Verizon has a deal that is too good to ignore. Verizon was the first to build a 5G network and now they want every customer, new and existing, consumers and small businesses to experience Verizon 5G. Trade in old or even broken phones, and get a new 5G phone, like the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G on Verizon with one of their best unlimited plans. Verizon will even help cover the cost to switch! It is the biggest upgrade ever. For more information, visit www.verizon.com.

Try the new wine from Yellow Tail called Pure Bright, a glass is a great reward. It is a great-tasting, full-flavored wine that is the perfect pour when looking to unwind and having some quality "me time." It comes in Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. There are delicious citrus notes, so the pairing possibilities are endless, and for under $7 a bottle, it is an affordable option. For more information, visit www.yellowtailwine.com.

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