Celebration Honors First 2024 Presidential Candidate to Visit All 99 Iowa Counties

Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley Has Been on the Campaign Trail for Five Months Meeting Voters in Every Iowa County

Ryan Binkley in Iowa

From lavish Lincoln Dinners packed with powerful people to simple barns with a few farmers on folding chairs, the venues and crowds have varied greatly but the message has not wavered, as presidential candidate Ryan Binkley officially visits every single county in Iowa as of Friday to spread his vision for a brighter future.

“We have been sharing this message all over Iowa that this campaign is about the freedom of our nation and the freedom for the next generation,” Binkley said. “It’s time to end the division in our party and America, to really reach out to the most hurting in our country. The world is watching us,” Binkley said Tuesday from Corning, Iowa.

The Veterans Memorial in Corning was Binkley’s fifth stop of the day, which ended in Adams County, the 95th county where Binkley met with voters to hear their concerns since launching his campaign in Dallas. Binkley’s meet and greet Friday in Adair County will be his 99th county. He will celebrate at a party Friday at the Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel, the site of this weekend’s Young Republican National Federation Fall Conference.

For the past five months, Binkley endured a grueling travel schedule and devoted considerable time, money and resources to campaigning in all 99 counties in the state, known in Iowa as the Full Grassley Tour in honor of Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s long-standing tradition of making the trek to each county.

“It’s been an emotionally difficult journey for Ryan,” said Binkley Campaign Manager Heath Flock. “It’s a big accomplishment. Those small rural counties are difficult. Sometimes it’s only a few people, but the mountain is moving.”

In a recent Iowa poll, Binkley’s poll numbers doubled as he came in sixth place, surpassing Doug Burgum and Asa Hutchinson and landing in a tie with Chris Christie. Binkley’s campaign has received contributions from more than 70,000 unique donors, and Binkley will officially appear on the primary ballot in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. The campaign is in the process of gathering signatures and submitting filing fees needed for Binkley’s name to be listed on the ballot in all 50 states.

“We’re looking to finish in the top four in the Iowa caucuses in January,” Binkley said. “We’re going to keep pushing ahead, showing the world that first in the nation matters, in Iowa and in New Hampshire.” 

Binkley is a successful CEO and pastor who has been eliciting enthusiastic applause from crowds across Iowa as he describes his plans to reform the economy, improve healthcare and strengthen border security.

“Right now, we’re losing our freedoms,” Binkley said. “It’s time for us to unite and solve our biggest problems together.”

Source: Binkley For President 2024 Press Office

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