Celebrating Summer in July With the New Gya Labs Aromatherapy Collection

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 This summer, Gya Labs has rolled out a new collection of aromatherapy products, consisting of a variety of essential oils to complement the existing collection of plant-based natural products. Launched in July 2021, these 15 new essential oils were specifically curated and collected by the team at Gya Labs to complement the mission of transforming simple daily routines into elegant self-care sessions every day. The newly launched products bring Gya Labs' collection of single pure essential oils to 71, with more on the way. This summer's aromatherapy highlights include the essential oils of cajeput, coffee and camphor.

The team at Gya Labs spotlighted the new Cajeput Essential Oil to help freshen up indoor air environments when diffused and freshen up the tense, frazzled mind when inhaled. Cajeput oil originates from Indonesia, where the local name "kayu putih" gave rise to the name "cajeput". Gya Labs recommends diluting it with a skin-friendly carrier oil for a relaxing massage or dropping a few drops onto the corners of a bed or pillow for a relaxing night's sleep.

Meanwhile, for those looking for a natural, plant-based addition to their aromatherapy collection, Camphor Essential Oil is the ideal choice. The brand's current repertoire already includes several essential oils with soothing properties, which were the inspiration behind this product. Camphor oil has many applications in DIY soaps and deodorants due to its fresh, woodsy scent and antibacterial properties. Around the home, camphor oil can also be used as an insect repellant or as an alternative to mothballs. 

And finally, for those who need a brain-boosting scent to start their day (or evening), Gya Labs Coffee Essential Oil is a no-brainer. This uplifting oil is ideally diffused in an aroma diffuser to energize the mood of the room and invigorate the mind, or it can also be diluted with carrier oils or mixed in with skincare products to restore youthful complexions or uplift puffy skin. All in all, Gya Labs' newly launched products aims to contribute a holistic addition to any aromatherapist's repertoire of ingredients or to anybody looking for a plant-based option to help sooth and uplift their spirits. 


Gya Labs believes that a little self-care and pampering goes a long way. Currently, the brand's collection includes a range of single and blended essential oils, organic essential oils, and now to build upon the aromatherapy range, the skincare and body care lines. Having a self-care routine not only makes us look good, it also brings a sense of comfort and self-confidence. Shop Gya Labs aromatherapy range online to enjoy a discount of 15% and free shipping for orders above US $70. Terms and conditions apply.

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