Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With an Indoor/Outdoor Extravaganza

An eclectic mix of music, games and food — indoors and out — made for a memorable St. Patrick's Day for young and old.

Leprechauns and fairies saw to the afternoon's entertainment at the St. Patrick's Family Fun Day at the Church of Scientology Dublin Community Centre in Firhouse.

More than 300 locals from South Dublin celebrated St. Patrick’s Family Fun Day Saturday, March 17, at the Scientology Community Centre in Firhouse.

The activities started at 1 p.m. and continued throughout the afternoon until 6.

Seeing the rosy cheeks and smiles of exuberant children who braved the cold weather in the name of fun is very rewarding.

Diana Stahl, Director of Public Affairs at the Scientology Community Centre

Inside, games included mini golf and maxi inflatable darts cared for by leprechauns and fairies, and DJs who kept a crowd on the dance floor at all times. Crepes, candies and Irish delicacies were available in the Caife Na Dothra café.

Outside was one of the longest inflatable obstacle courses in Ireland. Reaching 40 metres in length, the bouncy castle was the main attraction even though some didn’t venture spending the entire afternoon outside in the cold, preferring the indoor activities.

Known also as a “bounce house,” “inflatable castle” or “moonwalk,” the bouncy castle dates back to the early 1960s, with its invention claimed by Americans and British alike. But regardless of its origins, local kids benefitted from it in spades on Saturday.

“St. Patrick’s Day is not only a beautiful celebration of Ireland’s heritage and national pride but also a reminder of the kindness, strength and love of the Saint who came to Ireland with a mission to help,” says Diana Stahl, director of public affairs at the Scientology Community Centre. “It is a day to share with others and to uplift the community. Seeing the rosy cheeks and smiles of exuberant children who braved the cold weather in the name of fun is very rewarding.”

More than 9,000 have come through the Community Centre’s doors since its opening last October to attend community events, charity concerts, open days, dance competitions or simply to visit its expansive information centre and café, says Stahl.

Although volunteers at the Centre hail from a variety of nations, all of them readily embraced the green-themed Fun Day on Saturday, dressing up as leprechauns and fairies and celebrating the culture and tradition of Ireland.

The Church of Scientology and Community Centre in Firhouse was established in 2017 as a hub for local activities and events, in keeping with Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s intention that all Scientology organisations are to serve as a home for the entire community and a meeting ground for cooperative efforts. Working side by side with all denominations and other groups on civic and humanitarian initiatives to strengthen the community, the Church and Community Centre facilities — 1,000-seat auditorium, meeting rooms, café and football pitch — are available to community groups and charitable organisations who share the goal of a peaceful and cooperative society. In 1956, L. Ron Hubbard lived in Dublin with offices in Merrion Square where he launched humanitarian initiatives which continue to flourish throughout the world today. “If the weather is cold, the Irish heart is warm. The country and the people could not be improved upon,” he wrote.

Source: ScientologyNews.org

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