Celebrating 100 Years of Special Moments

Adler's Jewelers is celebrating 100 years in business. Learn about the company's history, integrity, and celebratory savings on designer products.

100 Years in Business at Adler's Jewelers

Adler's Jewelers has been in business for a century. From serendipitous beginnings to storied success, Adler's Jewelers wants to share their story and special savings in 2021. 

Adler's Jewelers was established in Linden, New Jersey, in 1921 by Maurice Adler. A well-known trade jeweler and diamond expert, he sold a diamond ring to a neighbor. In this one off, he branched out from his regular trade by selling to his first individual customer instead of another business. 

Other neighbors and friends took notice of his advice and expertise and began buying from him out of his parlor, where they would also get a cup of coffee from gracious Mama Adler. The business began to flourish, seeing great success. 

Located in the heart of downtown Westfield, New Jersey, Adler's is now owned and operated by brothers Jeffrey and Andrew Arkin. The pair grew up in the jewelry industry and are the third generation from a family of jewelers. 

Both brothers hold top gemology degrees from the Gemological Institute of America. As trained gemologists, they can expertly identify high-quality gemstones and diamonds, assure quality and standards, and guide customers through their robust inventory with expert information. In addition, Adler's Jewelers is a member of the American Gem Society, a society of which only 5% of all jewelers, designers, appraisers, and suppliers nationwide have met the standards for membership. 

Continuing the long traditions of personal service and excellence, Adler's Jewelers is committed to bringing the most exceptional collections of bridal jewelry and fashion jewelry to Westfield and surrounding areas. Now reaching 100 years in business, they are ready to celebrate that commitment and success.

All year in 2021, customers can find special savings on designer jewelry and timepiecesStop by this full-service jewelry store in downtown Westfield and save today.

Source: Adler's Jewelers