Celebrate Mother's Day by Gifting Your Child Divine Sanskars With Virtue Baby

Virtue baby will be hosting a session on Fetal Psychology and Prenatal Bonding during Pregnancy in New Delhi on Mother's Day.

​​Virtue Baby, the Non-Governmental Organization and a unit of LESDEP Foundation, has announced that they will be hosting a session for expecting parents on how to ‘Bless Your Child With Sanskars Within The Womb’. Envisioning being a guiding light to them in imparting virtues, all the excited expecting couples are educated on how to plan their child’s personality during the first nine months which are integral in forming their child’s entire life.

This session will provide great inspirational insights on introducing virtues that will illustrate the acknowledgement of Garbha Sanskar (birth psychology). And how experiences within the womb get imprinted into fetus brain and drive unconscious programming.

The event will be graced by Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development, Government of India as the Chief Guest. Mr. Rajit Mehta, CEO and Managing Director, Max Health Care and Dr. Sudha Prasad, Dean - Faculty of Medical Science, University of Delhi, President AOGD as the Guest of Honors.

Dr. Nitika Sobti, Sr. Gynecologist-Obstetrician with Max Healthcare and Virtue Baby founder says, “It is about providing holistic care to all those on this journey towards parenthood. In our hustle-bustle of stressful life, we have long forgotten the importance of yoga asanas and meditation which can actually reduce the complications rate in pregnancy. So, this is a platform where all the pregnant women can learn this and can share their doubts, seek support and learn about their physical and emotional well-being. The appropriate and loving care of the baby that arises from prenatal bonding is the optimal way to prevent psychological illness in this new generation.”

Keynote Speakers will include:

  1. BK Sister Shivani - Creating Your Child’s Personality, The Time Is Now
  2. Dr. Nitika Sobti - Fetal Psychology

The event will be held on Friday, 8th of May 2016, between 08:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the India International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Reserve your seat by registering online at http://virtuebaby.com/registration.php

Together the mother and the father of the baby can cherish the Virtue Baby Kit which includes Virtue Baby Storybook, Virtue Baby Scrapbook, Womb Conversation Book, Relaxation Videos, Meditation Commentaries, Yoga and Physiotherapy Videos.

About Virtue Baby

Started with a thought of providing inspiration, information, and assistance to expecting parents for inculcating virtues and nurturing the baby in womb. Virtue Baby now stands ahead as a Non-Governmental Organization guided by health care professionals, spiritual guides, aspiring couples, yoga experts, gynecologists, psychiatrists, dietician, pediatrician and physiotherapists. This project endeavors to layout the way to serve for all those, who see pregnancy as a spiritual journey as well as parents-to-be seeking a closer connection with their unborn child.

In today’s busy schedule where most of the women are working, a noble initiative like Virtue Baby by Dr. Nitika Sobti (Sr. Consultant, Obs & Gynae, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh) will support them morally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and guide them on how to enjoy this beautiful phase of parenthood through Interactive Educational Sessions.

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Source: Virtue Baby - A Unit Of Lesdep Foundation


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About Virtue Baby - A Unit Of Lesdep Foundation

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VIRTUE BABY now stands ahead as a Non-Governmental Organization guided by health care professionals, spiritual guides, aspiring couples, yoga experts and physiotherapists.

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