Celebrate Euro2012 With New Android Game, Jazzlebags Football Frenzy

Sail through the air with the safest hands in soccer and go grab yourself some Euro 2012 glory.

Welcome to JAZZLEBAGS FOOTBALL FRENZY, the addictive new action puzzle game where your aim is to grab all the footballs that you can while avoiding the red cards!!

Help our hero, AssGass the Jazzlebag, as he climbs into his goalkeeping kit and returns to Earth on a football crusade. Spring like a cat through 16 platformer-style levels, grab the footballs and make your country proud, but watch out for the surprises!!!

How to play the game:
- Press AssGass on the stomach to unleash him towards the footballs
- Grab those balls to win some Jazzlecash
- Save the golden balls to float over obstacles and progress to victory
- Avoid the red card at all costs!!!!

Each level starts with AssGass the Jazzlebag waiting patiently for you to push his stomach, which sends him leaping for balls. With the safest hands in soccer, grab as many footballs as you can then head to the exit hole where a trophy awaits!!!

Depending on the level, AssGass the Jazzlebag may need to bounce off the walls, avoid red cards, shoot past moving platforms or use the special golden balls to allow him to float upwards and around obstacles. With four balls to collect on each level, collect them all and you're awarded a piece of JazzleCash.

Whether it's footy, soccer or just a quick kickabout with jumpers for goalposts, sail through the air and grab all the balls you can before the end of the Euros.

This is another great game from the Jazzlebags: AssGass gaming series for Android, where the first game was originally created and launched onto Google Play by Andy C Watson in less than a month with no previous game making experience.

JAZZLEBAGS FOOTBALL FRENZY is out now, free to download from Goole Play right now. Grab it right now at http://bit.ly/KlB2W7