CEFCO Rewards Launches, Powered by Stuzo's Open Commerce® Platform, Drives Measurable Outcomes

Program to Generate More Gallons, More Visits, and Bigger Baskets and Power Contactless Payments, Digital Customer Experience, Across All CEFCO Locations

CEFCO Selects Stuzo's Open Commerce® Platform

 Stuzo, a leading provider of intelligent 1:1 loyalty, contactless commerce, and cross-channel customer experience solutions for Convenience and Fuel Retailers, announced today the launch of CEFCO's all-new CEFCO Rewards program. 

Today, CEFCO Rewards is live across all CEFCO retail sites and is being powered by Stuzo's Open Commerce Activate product (for intelligent loyalty management) and Open Commerce Experience product (for SMS-based sign-in and the progressive web-based digital customer experience). CEFCO also engaged Stuzo for its Program Management Services, wherein Stuzo's team has become an integral extension of CEFCO's team for program design, implementation, operationalization, and ongoing optimization. 

"Since CEFCO opened our first store, we've had a tenacious drive to make our customers happy," said H Lorne Brockway, CIO, Fikes Wholesale (operator of CEFCO branded sites). "Our customers are thrilled with our new CEFCO Rewards program, and our initial adoption rates exceeded expectations. We believe that in Stuzo, we've found the right all-in-one partner to help us accelerate our innovation initiatives today and well into the future. We expect our investments in CEFCO Rewards to create happier customers that have stronger, longer-lasting relationships with our brand and ensure we're delivering more value and convenience to our customers as compared with our competitors."

CEFCO customers may enroll today in CEFCO Rewards using just their mobile phone number at the pin pad on the fuel pump, the pin pad at the POS in store, or on the CEFCO website, making enrollment fast and simple and extending participation in the program to a wider customer base. 

CEFCO noted that with Open Commerce, in its first 60 days with its new program in market, it has already gained performance improvements in a number of key areas compared with its prior rewards program: 

  • Transactions per day are up 1.8x, or 80%
  • Number of active members is up 3.4x, or 243%
  • Member enrollment rates are up 2.2x, or 115%

Mid-year 2021, CEFCO Rewards will receive a payments-powered boost when Stuzo's Open Commerce Transact product (for contactless commerce) becomes integrated with the program, offering digital/mobile wallet capabilities that enable pay-at-pump and pay-in-store. 

"We are honored to be a trusted partner in CEFCO's transformative customer experience programs," said Jake Kiser, Chief Customer Officer, Stuzo. "Having an integrated program that starts with exceptional customer experience and loyalty first, includes simple, seamless enrollment across channels, and then offers multiple ways for members to engage across the digital commerce landscape, is essential to providing CEFCO customers with the greatest flexibility, choice, and ease across their personalized digital journey. This approach will generate more enrolled members, higher engagement, and greater incremental business outcomes at scale for CEFCO."


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Stuzo helps Convenience & Fuel Retailers Know and Activate™ more customers and data in real-time, leading to more visits, more gallons, and bigger baskets. Stuzo's Open Commerce product suite consists of: Activate for Intelligent 1:1 Loyalty, Transact for Contactless Commerce, and Experience for Cross-Channel Customer Experience programs. Stuzo's managed software services empower retailers to operationalize programs powered by Open Commerce and bring to market custom loyalty, commerce, and mobile/web storefront solutions. 

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