Cedrus Investments' Chairman Mr. Rani Jarkas Invited to Speak at the 121 Mining Investment Hong Kong Conference

The Chairman of Cedrus Investments (“Cedrus”) Mr. Rani Jarkas was invited to speak at the 121 Mining Investment Hong Kong 2017. Participants of the conference included senior executives from leading investment firms and mining companies.

Mr. Rani Jarkas’ panel discussion focused on the “state of Hong Kong as a mine finance destination.” He shared Cedrus’ decades of experience and insights in investing in the mining and natural resources sectors.

Mr. Rani Jarkas said, “I was honored to join the panel discussion. Today, the mining sector around the globe is experiencing an irreversible and sustained tide of revolution driven by the advancements in modern technology and the transformation of energy sourcing for the purpose of building an efficient, greener energy system.

"With the economic recovery worldwide picking up steam and developing countries’ growth showing early signs of reacceleration, the potential of the mining industry overall is promising. In order to grasp the opportunities that lie ahead, we will need not only great minds but also consistent funding support from visionary investors. Cedrus, with decades of experience operating globally, including in Hong Kong, is willing to further explore the city’s unique geographical and free capital flows advantages as well as being a major global financial hub in fueling the sector’s revolutionary progress, and help investors better invest in this sector potentially with higher degree of success,” Mr. Rani Jarkas added.

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Cedrus Investments is a global boutique investment firm that offers expertise in private wealth management, asset management and financial advisory services to a clientele of leading institutional investors, corporations, family offices and high net worth individuals around the world.

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