CEBIS International an EU Based CRO Launches Operations in USA as CEBIS Inc. Appoints Dr. Nawab F. Baloch MD MPH as President North American Operations

CEBIS International Expands Its Comprehensive Preclinical and Clinical Trials Services in 3 Continents


CEBIS International, a distinguished global Contract Research Organization (CRO) with expertise in drug development services, is delighted to announce its strategic expansion into the North American and Indian markets. This significant move follows over 15 years of prosperous operations within the European Union. Now under the distinguished leadership of Dr. Nawab Farooq Baloch MD MPH, President of North America, and with the appointment of Dr. Tausif Monif, Ph.D., as the Chief Executive Officer of CEBIS USA Inc., the organization is poised to bring about a transformative era in the field of clinical research. This expansion marks a new chapter in CEBIS's journey, reflecting its commitment to advancing drug development and healthcare globally.

"At CEBIS, We are pleased to announce its expansion into the North American Indian and South East Asian markets after more than 15 years of operation in the European Union," says Dr. Mihai Manolache, PhD, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

This expansion is bolstered by the merger of CEBIS with several representatives of the clinical trial industry, each with over two decades of experience in the field. CEBIS International (Europe), Clinical Trial Network - CTN (US), Globyz Clinical Solutions (Canada), Vayam Research Solutions (India), and Achiral Systems Private Limited (India) have signed definitive agreements.

"By taking this action, we are enabling ourselves to meet the objectives of our sponsors. We are confident that combining our scientific expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructure, agile approach, and global footprint will enable us to become a long-term, competitive service provider," says Dr. Nawab Baloch MD MPH, President CEBIS USA Inc.

The new venture provides pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors and drug development companies with comprehensive services tailored to meet all their drug development requirements. 

Dr. Tausif Monif, CEO of CEBIS USA Inc., expresses the mission clearly: "Together, we will contribute to the development of evidence-based medicine for patients by assisting our collaborators in meeting their objectives within the required time frame, budget, and quality standards."

With offices and operations in Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago, New York along with a global hub for clinical trial supplies in North America, R&D facilities, Logistics, Clinical and Pre-Clinical facilities (GLP accredited), and Technology & Innovation centers in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore, CEBIS is now poised to support clinical research operations on three continents.

CEBIS boasts a vast network of more than 300 clinical research sites in the United States and Europe and over 2,000 principal investigators in all therapeutic areas, specifically focusing on Oncology and CNS. With a dedicated team of over 500 Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and Project Managers, CEBIS is positioned to become one of the leading players in the global clinical research environment, having successfully managed trials for over 120,000 patients in the US and Europe.

Source: CEBIS USA Inc.


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