CE3S in Harrisburg, PA Launches a New eCommerce Platform

Production Supply Store Tools and Products

Cumberland Electronics Strategic Supply Solutions (CE3S) in Harrisburg, PA has launched their new online eCommerce store titled Production Supply Store. Originally founded in 1962, CE3S has been a stable supplier for electronic production supplies throughout the United States. CE3S has maintained a consistent presence in their industry and has launched Production Supply Store to be a reliable, cost-effective tool for their customers to meet their business objectives.

Production Supply Store is a broad line distribution platform serving various markets with over 20,000 products. Many of these include ESD Bags, Soldering Stations, Tips, and Accessories, as well as many other anti-static products from top manufacturers like Pace, Weller, Desco, Hakko, and 3M. Through fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding customer service lead by a veteran, experienced team of employees, Production Supply Store strives to be the best choice to meet their clients' electronic production supply needs.

Each product in their eCommerce store features rich product information like SKU, description, and shipping availability. Production Supply Store provides free shipping on orders over $250, fast shipping with tracking integrated on your account, a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, a direct line to customer service, and the capability to request a quote for missing products or bulk quantities.

Key features of the Production Supply Store include the ESD/Anti-Static Bag Tool, which allows customers to quickly search ESD bags by dimension, the Tape Finding Tool, which will search over 18,000 tape products by type, color, and shape. Many other intuitive product-finding solutions are available to help customers find the product they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Through Production Supply Store, CE3S is committed to customer shopping convenience - orders online can be made from a laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information, please contact Jeremy Wagner at 1-888-501-9666 or email (help@productionsupplystore.com).

Source: Cumberland Electronics Strategic Supply Solutions