CE Broker by Propelus Launches Pro+ Subscription to Streamline the Continuing Education Experience for Healthcare Professionals

CE Broker by Propelus, the leader in continuing education (CE) compliance management, announced the launch of its new subscription offering, Pro+. Enhancing the CE Broker experience, Pro+ is an innovative subscription package that allows healthcare professionals to streamline how they seamlessly access, track, and manage their CE requirements. It also includes access to a vast library of approved, accredited, and official online CE courses all in one convenient location – making compliance simple and easy. 

The Pro+ subscription is now available for nursing professionals whose licensure boards are partnered with CE Broker. Coming soon, the Pro+ offering will be extended to many more healthcare licensure boards, creating new opportunities that power their licensed professionals’ continued growth and development. 

“We are honored to introduce an innovative new offering to millions of healthcare professionals we serve today,” said Julie Walker, CEO at Propelus. “By pairing CE Broker's trusted CE compliance technology solution with high-quality and highly relevant content, we’re simplifying the license renewal experience and delivering on our mission to empower healthcare professionals and ultimately, drive to a safer healthcare workforce.”

Key benefits of Pro+ include:

  • All-inclusive, comprehensive CE management plus CE courses subscription
  • Unlimited access to eligible CE courses at one convenient, predictable price
  • Expedited access to required, accredited CE courses by approved content providers
  • Streamlined CE course completion reporting to your licensure board(s)
  • Seamless tracking of CE credit history and ongoing progress
  • Simplified official CE transcript management for proactive compliance 
  • Significant savings by purchasing a CE package tailored to the professional

Pro+ removes barriers to continuing education, helping professionals maintain licensure and stay current with best practices and trends – key components of better healthcare outcomes. This fully web-based solution simplifies learning, tracking, and reporting on the go, meeting professionals where they are.

"With Pro+, we're enabling healthcare professionals to approach the CE compliance process with confidence," said Justin Mann, General Manager of CE Broker. "By combining our trusted compliance platform with a vast library of approved and accredited courses, Pro+ offers an unparalleled, seamless experience that saves time and money for licensees."

Eligible nursing professionals can access the Pro+ subscription option after they’ve selected their profession and state in the “Get Started” area of the CE Broker website. For more information about CE Broker, visit cebroker.com

About CE Broker:

As part of Propelus, CE Broker is modernizing how professionals, their employers, regulators, and associations work better together. For over 20 years, CE Broker has propelled the progress of millions of dedicated professionals along the career journey through its full-lifecycle continuing education management solution. Leveraging innovative technology, essential data, and unparalleled strategic partnerships, we power critical compliance programs for a happier workforce, better operations, and safer communities. Learn more about CE Broker, powered by Propelus, at: https://propelus.com/ce-broker.

Source: CE Broker by Propelus

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