CDG Biotech is Poised to Enter the Market for Diagnostic Assay Solutions in the Fight Against Allergies and Rare Diseases

CDG Biotech announced today that it has secured FDA Registration and was granted a Device Manufacturing License from the State of California Department of Public Health, Food, and Drug Branch.

“CDG Biotech develops diagnostic assays for the detection of allergies and esoteric-rare diseases. As an established Biotech company new to California, we have achieved the first major milestone of our business plan ahead of schedule. Within 10 months we have completed the build up of our infrastructure and facilities. With this registration and licensure we are now fully operational and we are well positioned to provide enhanced diagnostic services to healthcare professionals around the world,” CEO, Noel A. Silva

About CDG Biotech:

CDG Biotech offers customized biomedical technology solutions that meet strict requirements of quality while improving efficiency, effectiveness and results. With International headquarters in Venezuela and now its domestic offices and laboratory located in Westlake Village, CA, CDG Biotech will begin development, manufacturing, and worldwide sales and distribution of specialized products to the global biomedical community.


Source: CDG Biotech Corp

About CDG Biotech Corp

We are a biotechnology company offering technology that allows for personalized medicine, with special diagnostic capability. We use immunological diagnostics to help health professionals find the right in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and therapies.

CDG Biotech Corp
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