CBLHoopCity App Turns Rec Basketball Into Big Time Game

New App Gives $1.6 Million Dollar Cash Prize Opportunity for Players

CBLHoopCity Team Levels

CBLHoopCity launched a $1.6 million dollar cash prize basketball league for adult recreational players. The league is setting its sights on building the largest community for adult recreational basketball players in the United States.

The league's new app will feature player drafting, game scheduling, an up-to-date league news feed, and more, per Jamar Johnson, the league's Founder. But you should not be fooled into thinking that the league is just for those who play pickup or in rec leagues at the local fitness centers. The CBLHoopCity league also allows for those who love the game, but no longer play (or have never played) to be a part of the action by owning and managing their own team via the CBLHoopCity app.

Teams and players will be able to turn an ordinary pickup or rec league game into a highly competitive and impactful basketball game with teams having the opportunity to earn $1.6 million dollars in cash prizes. 

"Pickup and rec leagues is where you'll find a lot of talented and passionate players, but there wasn't a national brand to showcase them. CBLHoopCity will look to fill that void for adult players that desire a higher quality rec league experience," said Johnson. 

The league has four team levels. The 5-Man Team level is free to enter. The 7-Man Team, 10-Man Team, and 14-Man Team levels have a tax-deductible membership fee that ranges from $2,500 to $10,000. The free team level is not eligible for tournament play, but the other three team levels are. The national tournament cash prizes are associated with each team level ranging from $100,000 to $1M. 

The league app makes it easy to draft players to teams, and it makes it easy to find, contact, and schedule games with other league teams in your local or surrounding area. The league is year-round, and the national tournament starts in October and ends in December of each year. 

For more information about the CBLHoopCity league visit cblhoopcity.com. Or you can text " I want to start a team " to 1-480-530-6521 if you are interested in entering a team in your city.


Source: CBL Worldwide, Inc.