CBI Expands Into Los Angeles as Part of Strategic Growth Effort

New Executive Leader Rick Bartlett Focused on Ambitious Business Development

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Building on its 40-year foundation as a leading Orange County commercial workspace solutions provider, CBI (Corporate Business Interiors, Inc.) has launched a strategic growth initiative to expand its reach and geographic footprint into Los Angeles. The effort enables CBI to better serve LA-based clients, advance its business reach, and further solidify its leadership strength in the Los Angeles market.

In March, as part of the strategic expansion, the company hired Rick Bartlett, CBI Executive Vice President, to lead the business development effort—work that includes establishing a full-time Los Angeles division, building a strong local team, and securing an LA-based office.

"The Los Angeles market is five times larger than the Orange County market, so it offers tremendous growth potential for CBI," said Darren Stiles, CBI President. "We've been serving LA clients successfully for the past 40 years from our Orange County location, but having a strong presence and separate division in LA will enable us to grow our business exponentially, while better serving our LA-based real estate brokers, architect and design firms with more responsiveness and convenient local offices."

As the newest executive leader at CBI, Bartlett brings deep industry knowledge and 30 years of experience directing strategy, leading business development teams, building relationships with industry partners, and overseeing sales activity. Most recently, he led the Los Angeles division for a competitive commercial workspace company, and will parlay his knowledge to his new role at CBI.

"In recent years, companies have really changed how office space is being used, and therefore, how it needs to be designed," said Rick. "Progressive companies are creating more employee-centric experiences, rather than workspaces that are just about efficiency. To support this shift, our CBI business development teams—together with our architect & design firm partners—have moved from traditional 'project execution mode', to being part of the creative process—bringing a knowledgeable point of view, contributing to the design strategy, and offering valuable input to what the next-generation workspace might look like." 

"Emerging from the pandemic, every organization now has an opportunity to redefine the context of their workplace, who will occupy it and how they will use it—it's a new frontier," he said. "I look forward to building a CBI team with the capability and desire to grasp the mantle of design leadership and come alongside LA clients to create office environments where people don't simply have to go—but want to go."

"We want to be a larger player in Southern California, and we can't do that with just our single location in Orange County," said Stiles. "Expanding into Los Angeles is a key facet of our 5-year strategic growth plan. We are making a large strategic investment and we're committed to this expansion—it's the right move at the right time."

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