CBD Pioneer Sacred CBD Introduces New Online Wellness Platform to Bring Balance to Mind, Body and Soul

Partners with Holistic Wellness Expert Artisan Farmacy to Combine CBD Products with Wellness Advice

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 CBD Pioneer Sacred has introduced a new online platform that pairs its full-spectrum, naturally derived CBD products with exclusive advice from leading holistic wellness experts from Artisan Farmacy, a community of "wellness artisans" dedicated to unleashing their abilities to heal from within and crafting their most vibrant state of being.

Delivered in a series of articles and short videos at www.getsacred.com, the platform helps users incorporate CBD products into wellness routines that everyone can do on a daily basis. Together, these routines can help people relieve the pain, stress and anxiety many are experiencing in these unprecedented times.  

“In a time where we can’t interact with our customers at our retail locations or events, this new platform continues my mission to connect, share the knowledge and empower people to live their best lives,” said Sacred Founder Silvia Orizaba. “It’s also a great way for people to understand the benefits of our full-spectrum CBD products, including my signature Infused Pain Balm and delightfully flavored Wellness Tinctures,” said Orizaba.

“I’m very excited to be partnering with Sacred on this platform,” said Artisan Farmacy founder Corene Summers. “I love the Sacred products and believe strongly that CBD is important to a holistic wellness lifestyle. The content we are creating will be both informative and fun for people,” said Summers.

The new platform launches on May 15.

Just visit www.getsacred.com.

About Sacred: Sacred CBD is a thoughtfully tested and perfected, real-life-approved brand of CBD balms, lotions, gelcaps and tinctures. This high-quality blend of science and nature was created to help relieve the pain, tension and stress we face every day. We believe everybody is sacred. That’s why these purely natural, naturally healthy products were formulated to enhance wellness and revive your true potential. All our products are full-spectrum and sourced from natural ingredients including hemp. Sacred CBD products provide the clean, honest, and proven way to help everyone live pain-free. To learn more or choose from a wide array of CBD products, visit www.getsacred.com.

About Artisan Farmacy:  For nearly a decade, Artisan Farmacy has helped clients enhance their health, careers and lives overall through cultivating effective methods to cope with stress, reduce tension and optimize human performance, leading to increased energy, focus, creativity and success. It was founded by Corene Summers, an expert in tailoring the ancient wisdom of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and other holistic techniques to our modern business world. She is an international well-being and meditation coach, Reiki Master, holistic counselor and life coach, certified Corporate Wellness Specialist© and entrepreneur. Corene is also a well-being expert, writer and workshop host/speaker for Entrepreneur Magazine and for the corporate meditation App Meditation.live, where you can view her on-demand videos and join for Live interactive sessions.

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Sacred CBD is a female owned company determined to only create products that provide a clean, honest, and proven way to help everyone live pain free.

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