CBD and Its Role in Sexual Wellness

Privy Peach Released two new water based products.

Kim Koehler

Sex-positive, women-centric CBD company, Privy Peach, is making huge strides in research and development of cutting edge products . Two new aloe based products have been added to the already expansive collection this year. Alongside already exceedingly popular oil based products touted by sex therapists, celebrities and other sexual health and wellness experts, Privy Peach wanted to add a water based alternative for their consumers. These products, Hydro Glide Relief and Hydro Glide Sensation Spray, have been flying shelves.

CBD has been reported to have an anti-inflammatory benefit, making it a perfect addition for those who struggle with discomfort in the bedroom. Privy Peach founder, Kim Koehler, struggled for years with pain during sex and wanted to start a company that addressed this very common issue so others would know they are not alone.

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Source: Crave Concepts


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