CBC PAC IE Makes $2M Push to Turn Out Sporadic Black Voters in Targeted Districts to Increase Democratic Victories

Multi-media effort focuses on top voting issues for Black voters: Criminal Justice reform, combatting racism and COVID recovery


The Congressional Black Caucus PAC IE announced a two-million-dollar effort to mobilize sporadic African American voters in 31 key districts where they have determined increasing Black voter turnout could help ensure victory for Democrats. Polling conducted by the CBC PAC IE found that supporting candidates committed to combating racism, criminal justice and policing reforms and a COVID recovery plan that gets people back to work are key to driving sporadic voters' motivation to vote in the 2020 Congressional elections. These voters are also motivated to use their vote to vote against candidates who oppose action on this agenda and to send a message against racism, hate and the dangerously divisive politics of Trump and Congressional Republicans.

The two-million-dollar multimedia campaign will target sporadic African American voters in over 30 races through mail, digital ads, radio ads and a robust social media campaign in support of CBC endorsed candidates.

"The Congressional Black Caucus has and will continue to fight for issues affecting the African American community. Our policy agenda addresses these issues head on and during this election cycle we want to let OUR community know what is at stake," said Rep. Greg Meeks (D NY-5)

This final ad, "The Talk," connects the power of voting to elect CBC endorsed candidates who have and will continue to fight for the specific challenges hitting Black America the hardest: criminal justice and policing reforms, racism, COVID recovery and expanding health care.

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