Cause of "Death": Lack of Vital Information

New website aimed to "resuscitate" Malaysian arts and culture ecosystem for increased opportunities and sustainability

My Performing Arts Agency (MyPAA) is set to launch ARTERI (, an online strategic platform to serve as a one-stop information portal for the Malaysian arts communities. ARTERI underscores MYPAA's objectives to address gaps in the current ecosystem, and lead towards increasing funding and developmental opportunities, nurturing skills and talent growth to contribute to the social, creative and economic sustainability of the sector.  ARTERI is made possible in collaboration with Yayasan Hasanah under its arts, culture and heritage (AHC) focus to help transform Malaysia into a distinctive AHC destination by positively advancing the AHC ecosystem in the country.

Scheduled to be made available for the industry 1 April 2016 onwards, the portal features content on i) funding opportunities via local and international organisations, ii) mentorship and residence opportunities iii) call for applications/auditions, iv) useful resources like publicity, list of rehearsal and performance spaces v) factsheets that include policies on corporate tax exemption and registration of entities, list of NGOs, vi) toolkits such as templates on writing business letters and preparing budget sheets, vii) special features and interviews amongst others. Local and international organisations like On the Move, Asia Europe Foundation, Goethe Institute, The Japan Foundation, Sime Darby Foundation and National Department for Culture and Arts have all contributed in terms of content provision that will be beneficial for the Malaysian arts community.

ARTERI is led by Amy de Kanter, the portal's Chief Editor, a professional writer with 18 years' experience in publishing, marketing, advertising and business development. Her writings have been published in more than 300 articles, blogs and other content in newspapers, magazines, coffee table books, journals, directories, supplements and websites, encompassing travel, interviews, reviews (arts, theatre, film, book and food), columns and how-to articles.

"Many of our actors, dancers, musicians, composers, directors, and technicians do world class work, but struggle far more than their counterparts in other countries. I want ARTERI to answer the question they ask more often than they should have to: "Where can I find help?". I also want it to answer the question the rest of us should be asking more: "How can I help?" said Amy.

"The growth of the arts is hindered due to the three major group of stakeholders (public, private and arts industry) in the Malaysia arts ecosystem are working in silos which results in the lack of dialogue and collaboration between these three sectors to collectively build an environment conducive for the arts. There are recurring issues and challenges that are difficult to be addressed in the ecosystem to encourage growth in activities, attendance at arts events, enterprising arts organisations, business partnerships and community-based arts initiatives amongst others. We believe that ARTERI will be the digital artery of the performing arts industry in Malaysia and will provide the needed access, visibility and relevant information about the arts and culture to aid and nurture the arts community and ecosystem players through knowledge development," said Izan Satrina Dato' Mohd Sallehuddin, Founder and Director of MyPAA.


Complementing ARTERI's mission of connecting the dots and sharing relevant information that the industry can benefit from, the collaboration between Yayasan Hasanah and MyPAA has also enabled an international collaborative effort aimed at developing arts administration and leadership capabilities in Malaysia via ARTERI Pop-Up Classes. Designed for practitioners, funders, producers, educators, cultural policy makers and critics within the arts ecosystem, the inaugural ARTERI Pop-Up Classes will commence from 15 April to 17 April 2016 at Galeri Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, 9.30am-5.30pm daily.

The following workshops are offered:

1  Public and Private Partnerships to Catalyse the Growth of the Arts

2  Cultural Funding Workshop

3  Assembly of Art Festival Administrators

4  Stage Management Workshop

5  Media Review Workshop

6  What Do You Need To Prepare To Tour Workshop

Workshop admission fees are below:

- For students: RM20 (half day class), RM30 (full day class), RM50 (all access pass)

- For professionals: RM30 (half day class), RM50 (full day class), RM80 (all access pass)

(Price is inclusive of coffee break and light lunch)

Bookings can be made via  

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