Catherine's Discounted Home and Garden Opens New Amazon-Affiliate Home and Garden Website

​Catherine’s Discounted Home and Garden, a new, Amazon-portal website designed to bring consumers products for in-home, outdoors, and around the house home improvements, officially opened its platform this week for all business inquiries and questions.

Born from a passion for all quality home and garden products through Amazon in one singular platform to help improve the online shopping experiences, catherine’sdiscounteddomeandgarden contains home, lawn, garden, and patio décors and accessories.

“Our new website is designed to offer a positive experience for the online shopper with an array of products and options that will make a beautiful home more beautiful,” said Catherine Larkin, Founder and Owner of catherine’sdiscounteddomeandgarden​. “With our prices varying from low-end to high-end, and in-between, consumers should find everything they need in our one-stop shop site.”

Ms. Larkin’s platform carries a wide variety of affordable home, lawn, patio and garden products and accessories tailored for adults, children, even furry and not so furry friends.

By pairing her platform with Amazon, site visitors will continue to receive the same unmatched customer service, previewed reviews, product reviews, product delivery policies, as well as special occasion and seasonal goods, to their current home product lines which are updated daily.

“Our entire goal is meant to save the online shopper time and money,” said Ms. Larkin. “As such, we are in the process of improving major Home Décor categories by adding sub-categories for a more streamlined shopping experience.  Look for us soon on Facebook and Twitter, as well as offering personalized assistance locating that “perfect something for that perfect someone.” Keep an eye open for further announcements.

As Ms. Larkin always says, “Less expensive doesn't have to mean cheap, which implies poor quality, something we don't offer the consumer. The everyday quality Amazon offers will remain the same.”

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Source: Catherine's Discounted Home and Garden