CatchBuddies is All Set To Launch Augmented View Integrated Social Media App

CatchBuddies is one of its kind social media application, which comes fully integrated with best social media features and is launching augmented view integrated social media app.

CatchBuddies is one of its kind social media application, which comes fully integrated with best social media features. AUGMENTED VIEW is what makes this application different form others in the competition. Easy to download, Absolutely FREE and available on App Store and Google play. 

The first question that pops-up in mind is what makes CatchBuddies different from others?. The first and the foremost thing is the cross platform capability. It runs on multiple devices that supports both iOS and Android OS. Along with device compatibility, the app also offers unlimited text message, photos and emoticons to share for free. The chat interface is very smooth and runs freely without any disruption. 

Our company is very well known for the functionality and user friendliness we offer in our applications. We focus more on developing such application that can give user a very easy chat experience. Our prime focus is to give our users such platform that they can stay in touch with there loved ones, without any hassle. To add extra touch, CatchBuddies offer Augmented View in the application. With augmented view, you can see your loved ones in real time, where they are, how far they are and even the directions to get there. So, with one simple click you are next to your loved ones in no time. The feature is one of its kind and not seen on any other social media application as of now. 

With the launch of CatchBuddies application, the company is trying to achieve significant breakthrough in many critical area which includes sending free messages, share unlimited videos and photos with real time view of the user. Other features of CatchBuddies, include, inviting friends through different social media and share on get connected. You can create your own unique profile, update status and your photo. You can also create groups and have chat or have individual chat as feasible. You can also add one contact in multiple groups. The app comes fully integrated with latest supportive features for iOS and Android. So, no updates are required as the version is the latest one. All the above mentioend features are available for FREE. 

“CatchBuddies is an initiative by our company to bring your loved one close to you. With the app, you are never away form your family and friends. Just one click and you are with your loved ones in no time.” said the CEO of the company. “With the application no friend is far away. And that is our prime goal. We know the importance of friends and family in our life, so we are just tying to provide a medium for you to be with them whenever you want”.

Download the application and check it out yourself. Be in touch with your loved ones, whenever and were ever you want. 

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