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In a live webinar upcoming on Friday, June 1, 2018, at 11 a.m. EDT (4 p.m. BST/UK), industry experts from Solvias Johannes Schranck, Ph.D., Leading Scientist, Catalysis and Jürgen Rotzler, Ph.D., Head Operations BU LSP will discuss key steps towards applied industrial catalysis.

The catalysis team at Solvias has been at the forefront of making the latest scientific findings available for the development of commercial catalytic processes and to integrate them into early phase development. Even though vast progress has been made to gain detailed insight into catalytic transformations, even beyond asymmetric hydrogenation (hydrofunctionalization, asymmetric reduction couplings), the global “best” catalyst is still unpredictable.

Therefore, the combination of a high throughput experimentation (HTE) platform with the concept of modular ligand design represents a highly efficient strategy for the development of various homogeneously catalyzed transformations (i.e. asymmetric hydrogenation, C-C, and C-X cross-couplings, asymmetric C-C bond formations, etc). Subsequent downstream optimization (isolation, telescoping, catalyst removal) and embedding these catalytic steps into process research and early phase development activities are crucial in order to perform the non-GMP and GMP manufacturing of APIs on a milligram to multi-kilogram scale.

Solvias’ areas of technical expertise cover almost any catalytic transformation which can be implemented in the life science and fine chemicals industry. Furthermore, through analytical support (method development and validation) and crystallization development (polymorphism screens and salt formation), Solvias is able to assist in the development of a scalable, robust production process.

The usefulness of catalytic methodologies for larger-scale production is closely associated not only with the streamlining of the process itself (catalyst loading, accessibility of key starting materials, temperature, safety, volume efficiency, etc.) but also with the commercial availability of catalysts consisting of precatalysts and ligands. Easy handling (crystallinity), storability (stability) and availability in large amounts (scalability) are mandatory factors for successful, industrially relevant ligands. Following the concept of modularity, Solvias explores the consistent expansion of its ligand portfolio.

The new and large variety of modular (chiral) ligands has, in turn, led to unprecedented findings in academia. For example, the employment of these ligands has facilitated new advancements in the mono-arylation of ammonia and acetone. More precisely, the application of ferrocenyl bis-phosphine ligands has enabled significant progress in substrate scope, reaction conditions, as well as catalyst costs and availability. In this webinar, featured speakers will present practical examples of these ligands and their applications in integrated early phase development.

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