Cat Café and Record Store to Open in Centreville, Virginia

In order to open the new combination cat lounge, coffee shop, art space, and vinyl record store, the founders are requesting support via a Kickstarter campaign.

Catfe Diem will feature adoptable cats through their partner rescue Paws for Seniors

Lifelong Virginia resident and passionate animal rescue volunteer, Kristen Reynolds, a local artist, is teaming up with Paws For Seniors to open a cat café in Centreville, VA, called Catfe Diem. With plans to open sometime in Fall 2019, Kristen along with her husband, Andrew Reynolds, who works in IT, launched a Kickstarter campaign to help support opening costs of this new venue which is sure to delight cat lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Paws for Seniors, a Bealton, VA based 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue organization which specializes in placing senior pets into their forever homes, will provide adoptable cats for the space. In addition to serving as a shared workspace (with furry companions) and a self-serve coffee bar, Catfe Diem will also offer its patrons access to a highly curated selection of vinyl records, vintage items, original artwork, as well as Catfe Diem themed merchandise.

Kristen has been volunteering with a variety of rescue organizations since 2007, when she first volunteered to walk dogs and clean cages at her local shelter. In 2008 she ended up connecting with a more cat-focused rescue organization in Manassas, VA where she fostered litters of kittens and cats. Then, in April 2018, she got involved with Paws For Seniors which now provides adoptable cats for the kitty windows in the Gainesville, VA PetSmart. The idea struck her this year after she visited a cat café on a business trip. Her experience with the cat café “changed her life” and her enthusiasm for the new venture is contagious.

When describing the initial concept, Kristen says, “It was kind of like an ah-ha moment when I introduced this idea to my husband. I told him, ‘We can finally open up that art gallery/record store that we’ve always talked about and have the main focus be on keeping cats out of cages and adopting homeless animals!’ So, our focus is all about the cats, and it’s a total perk that Andrew and I to get a chance to incorporate our dream into the project.”

Kristen and her husband are hoping to set up shop sometime in 2019, but this is where community support comes in. The couple has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help jump-start the project’s opening costs, and when you pledge, you will be rewarded. The campaign offers a tiered gift program. Rewards range anywhere from a $30 personalized Catfe Diem coffee mug to hang prominently in the cat lounge, to tarot card readings and paint parties with cats, to even an opportunity to name and sponsor an adoptable cat.

The couple has big plans for the "catfe." They are eager to use their new space as a location for awesome events where visitors can be surrounded by cats and support a good cause. Their goal is to offer patrons prime teleworking and study location by day and a lively spot for parties and events, yoga classes, poetry readings, artist exhibits, and acoustic musical experiences by night. Kristen envisions the café as a hub of positive interaction. Through Catfe Diem she hopes to connect cats with forever homes while bringing together animal-loving music and art enthusiasts. Donate today and look out for Centreville’s newest hot spot in 2019.

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