Castr Announces New Technology Integration With Fastly

Castr's customers can now stream videos with lower latency, higher quality, and better security.


​​​​​Castr Live Streaming Inc., a Canada-based cloud service for video livestreaming and multistreaming, today announced their digitally transformative integration with Fastly, a powerful edge cloud platform and content delivery network (CDN). This integration accelerates Castr’s video streaming platform and makes it easier for streamers to broadcast videos rapidly and efficiently.

“The COVID-19 era has forever changed how we interact with others. Virtual experience, especially video streaming, has become a lifeline that helps businesses and organizations ensure their business security,” said Govinda Sunil, CEO and founder of Castr.

Sunil continued, “As a creator of an online video platform, it is our mission at Castr to make video streaming easy and accessible. Castr’s collaboration with Fastly will immensely enhance the video streaming quality for content creators and the viewership.”

Castr uses Fastly’s global capacity of 100 terabits per second to handle billions of requests a day. Their powerful global network also enables a seamless and safe streaming experience, even as livestream usage increases: more viewers, more streaming devices, bigger video files, higher video resolutions, and greater security risks. Users of Castr can now enjoy these video streaming benefits:

  • Decreased latency: Castr incorporates Fastly to improve response time, allowing the streams to get to the audience as close to real-time as possible.
  • Smoother streams: Fastly defines failover scenarios to make sure there are no interruptions while streaming on Castr.
  • Content protection: Videos streamed on Castr are secured through use of Fastly’s content protection features including encryption keys, media encryption, and integration with multi-DRM providers ​
  • Streaming security: Fastly’s distributed network handles volumetric and targeted distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. ​
  • Enhanced video hosting: Customers of Castr’s video-on-demand (VOD) package can benefit from improved over-the-top (OTT) quality.

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Castr is a cloud-based solution for video livestreaming, multistreaming, IP camera streaming, and on-demand video hosting.

Castr Live Streaming, Inc.
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