Casting Director Cassandra Marsh Starts New Venture in a Tiny Town

A casting director, who has been responsible for a number of movies, Cassandra Marsh has made the move of starting a new business in the tiny town of Lincoln County, Oregon. This town is so small that it is home to just a little more than 100 people. Yet, Cassandra Marsh believes that this town has something special, a little bit of what makes America the country that it truly is.

"If you've ever been to Lincoln County, you will know that it is like stepping back in time," says Cassandra Marsh. "It has a true Old West vibe to it, with small donkeys, or wild burros, simply strolling through the streets. While small, it is a town with a fantastic history and I feel that there are stories to be told here."

"The Old West charm of this town, the slower pace of life, and the fact that everybody knows and accepts each other is just amazing. It is so far removed from the Hollywood lifestyle that it is hard to believe that it actually exists."

Cassandra Marsh

Cassandra Marsh is likely to be right. Although only a few people currently reside there, it had been visited by famous stars like Carole Lombard and Clark Gable. And people there still live as though it is the late 19th century - except with the addition of modern technology. This is what Cassandra Marsh wants to capitalize on. She says: "These people have real stories to tell. Everybody knows everybody, and they also know of the old stories of past generations and how they lived their lives. Those are the stories that I want to hear, and that I want to use."

In the glitz and glamour world of Hollywood and blockbuster movies, it seems that there is no story line that hasn't yet been explored and turned into a movie or television series. What Cassandra Marsh expects - or hopes - is that untold stories are waiting to be uncovered in the town of Lincoln County. Her goal is to spend a considerable amount time in the town, speaking to locals and letting them tell their stories, which she will then turn onto a big screen production.

People are curious about the project. Cassandra Marsh has worked on some of the most iconic films in Hollywood history, but She has always been a director, not a writer. Although she does not intend to write the script for her new venture, she will have to put her full faith in people and hope that they will come up with something good. Even considering that Cassandra Marsh has been involved in a number of blockbuster movies, some feel that she is taking too big of a risk.

Cassandra Marsh completely disagrees: "I have made my name and people know what I can do. Now, I feel it is time for me to do what I want to do. I haven't gone into this project for fame and fortune. In fact, I almost hope that I fail to a certain degree, because I would hate for Lincoln County to be turned into some sort of tourist hot spot. But I am pretty sure that the result is going to be amazing."

Cassandra Marsh is currently in discussion with members of the Lincoln County community about how to best approach her project. At the moment, many of the residents are hoping for a type of movie-documentary, but some of the older generations would prefer to see written memoirs with professional photographs. A representative from the community says: "I quite like the idea of a book about Lincoln County. It truly is a beautiful town. But then I suppose Cassandra Marsh is not looking for a story in still images. Rather, she wants to hear about the lives of actual people and weave those into a single story that can be televised. Either way, we are all really excited."

For the time being, Cassandra Marsh has taken up residence in Lincoln County and she is showing no signs of wanting to leave. In fact, she claims that she could see herself actually settling down in the town permanently. She adds: "The Old West charm of this town, the slower pace of life, and the fact that everybody knows and accepts each other is just amazing. It is so far removed from the Hollywood lifestyle that it is hard to believe that it actually exists."

Discussions with different community members, enabling them to tell their stories, have now been almost fully completed. For Cassandra Marsh, a picture is starting to emerge about a golden thread between all those stories, something that binds them all together. Naturally, she does not intend to reveal what those ideas are just yet, not even to confirm whether it will be a televised program or a book with photographs. Either way, excitement is building up and Lincoln County might just get famous.

Source: Cassandra Marsh

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